Cottonelle Ultra and The Millionaire Matchmaker!

Last week some other bloggers and I had the chance to participate in an online chat with Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker!

She has partnered up with Cottonelle and wants YOU to make switch to Cottonelle Ultra!


Are you ready to make the switch to Cottonelle Ultra?


What about making switches in your relationship?


Just in time for Valentine’s Day Patti has 5 little switches to spice up your relationship!

~  Surprise your partner

~  Get Active

~  Get Out

~  Upgrade

~  Refresh Your Space

Looking to create sparks just in time for Valentine’s Day?

~  Surprise your partner

~  Look for more opportunities to compliment your mate.

~  If you’re having an important discussion with your partner, don’t be worried or off-put by silent moments during the conversation.

~  Travel together

~  Pamper each other

~  Leave love notes (Texts count too!)

~  Learn together

~  If you are in an argument, try repeating what the other says and building off of it

~  Plan a night out…with the girls/boys

~  Play games

~  Go on a “blind date”


Patti has a new DVD out called Married in a Year! Check it out!


Are you read to make the switch to Cottonelle Ultra?

Make the Ultra Switch Sweepstakes – 90 Days of 90 Prizes

Even the best relationships can get a little stale, so Cottonelle brand wants to show how little switches can make all the difference.  Our relationship with toilet paper is no different.  It’s the ultimate routine purchase—people get into a long term relationship with the same brand and mindlessly keep buying it.  So Cottonelle brand is on a mission to get people to try something new in the bathroom and make the Ultra Switch.  Switch to Cottonelle Ultra bath tissue and enter the Cottonelle brand “Make the Ultra Toilet Paper Switch Sweepstakes” daily giveaway now through May 1, for a chance to win up to 90 prizes in 90 days—each designed to help people make little switches. The average retail value of each prize is approximately $220.


I have some special codes for you to redeem over at the Cottonelle website!







Want to Connect with Cottonelle Ultra and Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker Online?



Twitter: @CottonelleBrand

Twitter: @PattiStanger



Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post! I just had a fabulous time listening to The Millionaire Matchmaker and learning about Cottonelle Ultra Switch!


  1. Jane says

    Do you know if those are “unique codes” or “bonus codes?” I can’t get the entry site to accept them. Thanks!

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