Follow Me, Chickadee! 6.7.11

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*~In The Spotlight This Week~*

Meet The Penny Wise Chick!

This is me, the penny-wise chick! I am happily married and have a handsome 9 month old son who I love to refer to as my little man.  I have a Masters in French literature, but my career path has taken me in several directions and these days I find myself a happy Stay at Home Mom.  Before our little man was born, we were very comfortable living off of two incomes. We budgeted our money and put some away, but we did a lot of leisure and fun things without too much concern for being frugal. As we are now living off of only one income, I want to get creative with our spending.  I’m challenging myself in my new job of SAHM to be as penny-wise as possible and to help our family save money.

When I’m not blogging, I enjoy spending time with family, reading, cooking, gardening, sewing, crochet/knitting, being crafty, taking walks/jogs with my little man, and enjoying the beautiful weather where we live. I’m trying to take advantage of being a Stay at Home Mom and appreciate being home, having more time to cook, spend with my child, and get a little frugal while I’m at it. :)

Join me as I get thrifty, clip some coupons, and have fun while doing it! Also, check out my posts as I share product reviews, and discuss ways to save money, one penny at a time. =)

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