From Sippy Cup Dad: Couch To 5K Review

I started losing weight in 2009 when I realized I had ballooned to over 200 pounds and more importantly my cholesterol levels were through the roof.  My biggest motivation for losing weight was to be around for my family later in life.  I had nightmares of having a heart attack and not being able to watch my son grow into a man someday.  Melissa wrote an article previously on how I was able to lose weight that can be found here.

I’ve been able to keep my weight around the 165-168 range but it isn’t enough for me anymore.  I may weigh less and look better but I’m not in shape.  I’ve been watching several of my friends and co-workers get into running and going off and doing half marathons and the like and I’ve been impressed with their ability to do so.  Obviously, there is no way I can just jump and say, “Hey, I’m going to do a half marathon today” so I stumbled on Couch to 5k which has just recently released as an app in the iPhone Appstore.  I figure I’ll knock out 5K then move up from there.

The app is great and I LOVE IT.  Couch to 5K is a 9 week program that gets you to running a 5K with ease.  You workout 3 days a week for only 30 minutes.  It starts you out with alternating 1 minute of jogging to 1 minute of brisk walking for 30 minutes.  As the weeks go by it increases the time you spend jogging.  I have found this to be exhilarating so far.  I feel so amazing after each workout it’s no wonder runners get addicted to it.  The great thing about the app is it has audio cues that tell you when to jog and when to walk.  It has three separate “Trainers” that talk you through the workout.  I use Sergeant Block who is a drill sergeant that gives me the right motivation!  The app also has the ability to post your progress to Facebook and which is kind of like a Facebook for runners.  You can give people High Fives and you can log your weigh and measurements. Check out my profile here!

I’ve just completed my second week of Couch To 5K and it was a very difficult week to do so.  I went to two Cardinals games where I have a problem with overeating (nachos, love it!) and over drinking but I got through it and I feel great.

I will also be reviewing Reebok’s Realflex shoes but I want to give it a couple of weeks of running first.

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    Great post! I followed the C25k program at the beginning of my training for the upcoming Disney Wine&Dine Half Marathon, and now that we’re getting close to the date, I’ve picked it up again to increase my endurance! I love the program, and now I’m really interested in checking out the app. Thanks for the good info.

  2. says

    Thats pretty awesome. I was doing the Couch to 10K program, a longer and slightly easier going program, but had to put it on hiatus because of the summer heat. I don’t mind running in the rain in the winter, but even thinking about running in the heat of the summer makes me tired.

    • says

      The heat really does make a difference but the weather has been getting a lot better around St. Louis which has made it a little easier. I don’t think I could run in the winter, I hate the cold!

  3. cjm says

    I know this is an older site but hopefully you still see the comments. I was wondering this … I heard that running is bad on your joints and that brisk walking works just as well. But seems like running works better for losing weight and getting in shape. I really want to start this program but I’m afraid of sore joints … more than I do now! What are your thoughts?

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