Shopping with the Walmart Baby Registry

My friend Brooke is pregnant with a baby boy and she registered at Walmart! Since we were headed to Walmart to pick up some items, I decided to hop on the computer and check out her registry before we left!

Checking out the registry on



Most everything was Stores Only, so I knew I had to check everything out in store!


The whole family headed to Walmart!

Our local Walmart


Walking in!



At most other retailers, the registry kiosks are right as you walk in. I had never actually shopped off a registry at Walmart before, so I had to find an employee to see where they were.

He directed me toward the Jewelry department, where there was one.

Walmart Registry Kiosk


The registry prints on long receipts!


The registry prints on these pieces of paper that are like long receipts. I ended up having 9 to carry around with me. I would love if it would print on pieces of paper like other registries.

I had 9 of these to carry around!


I looked at the registry and headed back to the Baby section. The first thing I noticed about the registry is that it has absolutely no aisle numbers and most of the items had no prices! I was worried that it would be hard to actually find the items my friend registered for.

The second thing I noticed is that the first 3 pages were in a category of “Infants” and had items like clothing and bibs. The next 6 pages were under the category undefined and was a mix of everything from toys to bottles to diaper bags. Nothing was grouped together either. I noticed some pacifiers on page 4, but then also on page 6!

Good variety of car seats!


I like how the bouncers are out so you can look at them closely!



Lots of walkers and activity centers!


So many diapers to choose from!


So many different diapers to choose from! I think diapers are a great gift because you just go through so many! At my shower, I received enough diapers to get us through the first 3 months!

Soaps and Lotions



I was suprised that there was only a 4 foot section for baby soaps and lotions. I know at other retailers there is a larger variety. This 4 foot section also includes the supplies for diaper changing too like, diaper creams.

Cute bibs!

Cups and Plates for Every Stage!




The Baby section had a good selection of toys….I know there are some baby toys in the official toy section too!



There was a whole aisle of formula. I think it would be a great idea to have signs explaining the different kinds of formula. It can be overwhelming for new moms!


Lots of baby food!


After I checked out the whole entire baby section, I decided to take a look  at my friend’s registry.

The first thing that caught my eye was a pack of bibs. Like I said earlier, the registry doesn’t have aisle numbers, so you have to look at the description and match it up on the little tag. Luckily, I used to work in retail so I knew to match up the UPC codes but I know the average consumer doesn’t know to do that.

UPC on the package of bibs



Matching up the UPC on the registry



I set out to find some more items on her registry!



I like to buy a bunch of little items rather than one big item!

I like the ease of shopping at Walmart, because they are everywhere! In the future though, I’m not sure if I would register there because it was very hard to find the products. I did talk to a Walmart employee who told me they are in the process of giving the aisles numbers and then it will be on their registries. Once they do that, it will be a huge help and timesaver. For the average person, I think it would be very time consuming to look at all the little tags and barcodes to make sure they match up.

I also like that there is a wide variety of items from Walmart. With them selling even furniture, you can get everything you need for your baby right from Walmart! There is also the benefit of price! Walmart has good prices on all of these items!

Since Walmart is a place to go for shopping for baby gifts, I think it would be a great idea if they would offer more keepsakes or personalized items. Even if they offered personalized items on their website! Every new mom LOVES personalized items (Hayden has too many to count and most of them were gifts) and I think people would love the opportunity to buy them! It would be a great thing to add to registries. I know when I am looking for ideas for baby gifts, I always look online first and I’m drawn to personalized items to combine with the practical gifts!

Make sure to check out my Intersect story for more pictures!


Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I agree that the convenience of shopping at Walmart would be nice… but those long, printed receipts? Those would drive me crazy. Even more if the items are just randomly on there and not grouped together! Add that to not having any aisle numbers or prices and I think I’d be done. I like to buy multiple things as well and would be really annoyed to have to go track down every last thing to find out how much it cost. Sounds like they need to put some more thought and work into it all!

  2. says

    I agree. I think they’re really missing out on showcasing the one-stop-shopping that they have to offer new parents.

    Shopping off someone else’s registry is already pretty overwhelming when you aren’t familiar with each of the products they’ve asked for, so to have to try and navigate your way through the sections on your own makes it extra tough.

    If Walmart really wants to maximize those registry purchases, they might even consider making that baby area a real destination. Put in a separate info desk right in the baby section for filling out and printing registries with a designated customer service associate available for questions. That way someone is always there to help each guest along and make registering (and fulfilling) a registry a breeze.

    Great photos and information!!

  3. Rachelle says

    I worked at Wal-Mart for 2 years before Little I was born, and we were told exactly what you have said many times. haha. The only advice I have isthat you can go online to and print out the registry from home, and that way it gives pictures and, for some items, a small description. Additionally, I have always though we have needed aisle numbers since the stores are usually so big and sometimes confusing. Loved your post!

  4. Sharon says

    I registered at walmart for my baby registry and my mistake is i just register to them and no other stores. It’s a horrible experienced! I will not recommend it to any expectant mom. My family and friends was telling me that they are trying to buy me something but even though I picked a lot of items most of them are unavailable. Besides of being out of stock online and in store, the customer service was horrible too. Never never never register there. Also they don’t offer discount if you decided to purchase the items when no one bought it for you. I think walmart doesn’t really care or give effort to improve their registry so, to any expectant mom I will totally not recommend walmart for baby registry.

  5. callie says

    I liked the Wal-Mart registry, but I wish they would include a discount on registry items if they weren’t purchased as gifts within 8 weeks of your delivery! Wal-Mart is still cheaper on most items even with the 10% discount other stores provide so you can finish buying items that are left on your registry though.

  6. Jess says

    For “Store Only”, stick to your home computer and search for the item on Walmart’s website. Many times you can order online for store-pickup, or at the very least see which local stores have whatever item(s) in stock. Sure, it’s a wee bit extra, but the trusty copy-paste will hardly break a sweat.

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