Gorgeous Christmas Cookies {Pictures}


I’ve been feeding my Pintrest addiction by looking at pictures of gorgeous Christmas cookies. If only I was that talented!







  1. says

    Om nom nom nom! COOKIES!

    I’m not a very good baker… but on the other hand, I made the Peppermint Blossom cookies on the Hershey’s Kiss website? And they are just as pretty as they are easy to make!

  2. Angela Michels says

    Oh my gosh! I just learned how to do those gorgeous cookies yesterday! It’s actually really easy. The idea was in Martha Stewart Living Magazine for 4th of July cookies. All you do is make stripes with glaze on the cookies and run a skewer or toothpick through the glaze onto the cookie. If you look close at the pattern you can see which direction they pulled it in. :)

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