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Since Hayden started preschool in September, I have been overwhelmed with all of the adorable artwork he has been coming home with. I have covered my fridge with it and moved on to taping on to doors. Everything from scribbles to more elaborate projects, I don’t want to throw anything away!

I started looking on Pinterest to find some creative ways on how to display my toddler’s artwork and here are some adorable displays!

Creative Ways to Display Kid's Artwork

Art Clipboards

 Source: Clean & Sentsible

Framed Art Gallery

Source: Just Another Hang Up

Kids Art Display

Source: I Heart Organizing

Every Child is an Artist

Source: Modern Parents, Messy Kids

Hanging Kids Art

Source: The Style Files

Wall Decals Art Gallery

Source: Childhood 101

I would love to know how you display your child’s artwork and also what you do with them! How do you choose what to keep?


  1. Carrie Phelps says

    These are great ideas! I have the first one, I picked it up at Ikea & it was very inexpensive. I display my grandchildren’s art work in my living room with this.

      • Carrie Phelps says

        I tried to find them on their web site but was unable to. Should we plan to make a trip to Ikea soon I’ll contact you and let you know so I can pick up a set for you, the whole set up was under $20.00.

  2. says

    I started keeping everything with baby #1, but I will say as baby #2 and baby #3 have joined us I keep less and less. I have began taking photos of their projects and making one year long photo book at the end of the year of all their stuff.

  3. says

    I needed this. Kanin has tons of artwork and I’ve saved a bunch from K and 1st that I want to put up. Love that first one. I could have one “line” for each kid.

    april@Party of Five

  4. says

    I love the “fine art gallery!” I take a picture of each pieces of art and all the school work too, so they’re all catalogued by date. I don’t feel as compelled to keep every piece of paper that way! :)

  5. says

    I have those wire hanger thingies in the first picture from IKEA. LOVE it! I switch out the artwork for each holiday and save some of my favorites in a keepsake box (the artwork with hands/feet/pictures). Such cute ideas!

      • aprilina says

        Have you tried Ikea online? Or like ebay, amazon? I love the clipboard idea for the younger ones art work and the art gallery for the older ones. I have a teenager who is going to HS for art and design and I’ve framed some of her larger things. I like the Gallery idea except I really don’t have the room for them all lol. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. says

    Very cool! We have the first one (Ikea) as well and it’s such an easy way to be able to clip up my girls’ artwork… plus we get a lot of fun compliments on it! :)

  7. says

    I am overwhelmed with Maggie’s artwork lately too, although I love it! I hang up a few each week on the fridge and then move them over to a Memory Keepers box from Paper Coterie, the same one you have pictured above! I love it!

  8. says

    At our old house, I hung their artwork all up and down the staircase leading to our basement. That allowed us all to see it everyday, but kept our fridge from getting cluttered with 3 kids bringing stuff home everyday. Every month or so, I’d clean it off and throw stuff away (while the kids were gone, of course!). Now we homeschool and have a schoolroom where we can hang all kinds of things for months before it gets crowded.
    As for what to keep, I always keep things with handprints or footprints on it. I also keep anything that shows their unique creativity – I usually throw out the “canned” artwork where every child in the class made the exact same thing.
    Love the ideas above and pinned a few of them!

  9. Cassie says

    I have the exact thing from picture number one. I only have one but I love it. I too grabbed it from Ikea. I also have 3 frames that hang underneath to put in special projects.

  10. says

    Great ideas! I do the last one. We have a string that I clip all her artwork on for a bit. Then when it’s full , I remove and take pics and make an album. I only save a few pieces.

  11. says

    Awwww. What a good mom you are! After about the first 100 pages of scribbles, I started throwing stuff out. I only keep stuff that my kids really make themselves. And now that Rylie is writing, I keep her papers on which she is writing her name, etc.

  12. says

    I cannot wait to hang up Baybah’s artwork from school. Hubs and I are going to have to buy a shed for the backyard to keep everything! Love the ideas you shared!

  13. says

    these are great! I struggle so much with this and finally just bought a rubbermaid tote and put it under the bed. I have some art on display on the fridge but it really just looks messy…these ideas are so much better!

  14. says

    These are cute ideas. I have seen many of these on pinterest too and admire them every time. I really need to get around to doing something about it. Usually I just put up what comes home that day replacing it with the next thing that comes home. I usually leave one or two things up that are “seasonal” or especially cute for a while. Then all of the ones that look like they were worked on with extra time and effort go into the scrapbook box but I have not figured out what to do with those yet.

  15. AnnaBeth says

    I take pics of their artwork. I only keep a few very special things (like handprints, etc). I create a photo book for each child–I use Shutterfly. I put an explanation/date for each piece of artwork. I haven’t ordered any albums yet as my kids are still young. I put a few pics on each page to save money. Some have cute/funny stories behind them and some are just unique. I don’t take pics of the “cookie cutter” things from school, just the special ones. As for displaying their artwork, I love the clothesline idea, but we mostly just tape their things to the doors on the main level and I throw things away when they aren’t here. I even let them tape their artwork to the walls in their bedrooms.

  16. says

    Another great way of preserving your kid’s art is to create personalized items, like coffee mugs, iPad or iPhone covers, postage stamps, etc. It’s not only a great way to show off your kid’s artwork – it’s also a great way to boost your kid’s morale! ArtStamps offers these items and more (you can even have a kid’s artwork put on a Rubik’s cube).

  17. says

    I love these ideas. I keep saying I’m going to do something like the strands w/the clips and I haven’t gotten to it yet. Great inspiration!

  18. sue cross says


  19. says

    I take pictures of my kiddos creations and use them as backgrounds in his digital scrapbook.Cute post! found you from stumbleupon…

  20. Iona says

    I thought this was just beautiful. I like the phrase from Picasso on the sixth image. Every child IS an artist, indeed.

  21. says

    I love the one that has the saying “Every Child is an Artist” My kids are only 2 and 1 so not quite to that point yet but I plan on doing that one! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. says

    Even we feel that we should find innovative ways to display our kid’s talent and we realized that there are national level platforms for singing or dancing for kids ; but there is no such platform to show-case skills like Drawing, Essay Writing or Solving Puzzles. is trying to fill that space.

  23. Kristy chalmers says

    I am a creative memories consultant and love scrapbooking. I am doing a digital scrapbook every year of his work by taking a picture of it and putting it together in a book with comments.

  24. nicole says

    Theses really are some creative way to displaying the kids artwork, which sometimes we get so much it can be overwhelming as a mom, I love the clip boards.

  25. says

    Love this! I am drowning in my preschooler’s art… and I have taken to boxing it up in the closet. I will definitely leverage one of these ideas in the hallway or office.

  26. says

    These are such cute displays. I would love to have something like this in our home. Right now I just scan my favorite kids art work onto art folders on our computer. Eventually I want to make a photo book with all their art work.


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