Make It Pretty Wednesday: Crafty Valentines Ideas from Pinterest!

I could got lost in Pinterest! You can find amazing decorating and fashion ideas, scrumptious looking recipes and LOTS of crafty goodness that is so dear to my heart! In fact, I found so many cute Valentines for kids ideas, I actually had to narrow the list down to share with you! Here are some of my top faves:

If you don’t want to contribute to the sugar insanity of the holiday, here are some adorable bookmarks that look relatively easy to put together! AND she even gives you the print-outs for the cards!

You could let your creative kid decorate these butterflies! Markers and glitter and you have a fun afternoon of memories in addition to cute personalized Valentines for their friends.

Okay, this one is a little over-the-top for me… but I know a lot of people get a kick out of gadgets, and I have to admit it is very clever indeed!

I LOVE this card! I have a thing for buttons! If you drew the shape of the heart for your preschoolers and supervised just a bit with the placement of the Glue Dots and buttons-even the little guys could make their very own Valentines! Wouldn’t they be so proud of themselves?

Source: via Choix on Pinterest

You have to imagine the addition of a lollipop in the next Valentine. How fun is this:

And we end with a particularly witty offering. “You color my world” is such a sweet sentiment, and the handmade crayon would last so much longer than a piece of candy!


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    Been hearing so much buzz about Pinterest, I guess I should really take some time to check it out – I even see my friends using pinterest apps on Facebook these days!

    Happy belated valentine’s day – those tootsie pop butterflies are too cute :)

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