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Last week we arrived at Pixar Studios to see footage from the movie Brave. I was such a mix of emotions as we pulled up! I was filled with anticipation and excitement of seeing Pixar Studios and also Pixar’s latest movie. I kept seeing previews for Brave and wasn’t sure what to expect!

When we first entered Pixar Studios, we checked in our phones and cameras and entered their theater. Director Mark Andrews and Producer Katherine Sarafian introduced the film to us and told us how we would be seeing the first 30 minutes of the movie Brave. They movie isn’t complete yet and there is still some animation to finish and rendering to be done. We would also get to see the Academy Award nominated short La Luna.

At the Pixar Studios screening theater, you’re watching movies under the stars. Not literally of course, but as the lights dimmed the ceiling lit up with twinkling stars and a few shooting stars. As we oohed and aahed, this led into the the most sweetest Pixar short and my favorite to date.

I’ll have a full review and an interview with Writer and Director of La Luna Enrico Casarosa in the next few weeks for you!

From the moment that Brave started, I was gripped! The lush colors and details of everything from the landscape to the castle caught my attention. Merida’s hair had me in awe almost the whole entire time – I couldn’t stop looking at her gorgeous head of red hair.

With only 30 minutes to watch the film, the whole theater groaned when the film ended and the lights came on. I can already tell the movie is destined to be yet another Pixar classic.  Brave has humor, heart and a story that both parents and children will be able to relate to – especially mothers.

The whole lobby of Pixar is decorated with banners, tapestries and artwork from the upcoming movie Brave. We were definitely surrounded by the spirit of Scotland!

Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland/Pixar © 2012 Jessica Brandi Lifland

The traditional press and bloggers were divided into groups {I was in the Dingwall Clan!} and the first thing we got to experience was archery! I was so nervous about this and thought there was no way I was going to be able to hold the bow and arrow.

I was totally wrong! We had so much fun and received a lesson from an archery teacher. We were instructed on how to hold the bow correctly and then we were able to shoot about 8 arrows. I can’t wait to find if there is a local range in St. Louis to bring my husband.

After archery, we headed off to learn more about bagpipes.

Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland/Pixar © 2012 Jessica Brandi Lifland


Bagpiper Jeff Campbell performed for us and we learned that bagpipes have been around for over 4,000 years and is even mentioned in the Bible.

Here are some other bagpipe facts:

– “Bagpipe” is a general term for a group of musical instruments which are played by squeezing an air-filled bag, causing the air to rush past a set of reeds.

– A set of bagpipes minimally consists of an air supply, a bag, a chanter and usually a drone.

– Historians can only speculate on the origins of the Scottish clans’ great Highland bagpipe, the Highlanders were the ones to develop the instrument to its fullest extent and make it, both in peace and war, their national instrument.

After bagpipes, it was on to a class of Kilts 101!

Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland/Pixar © 2012 Jessica Brandi Lifland


Why is it called a kilt? Because many have been kilt for calling it a skirt! Okay sorry, I had to include some kilt humor from bagpiper Jeff Campbell.

We learned that kilts are complicated! There are a lot of steps and items to being dressed correctly in your kilt and it can also be very expensive. It’s an investment though, as most quality kilts will last a lifetime!

I loved learning more about the movie Brave and some of the customs that will be represented in the movie! Look for more posts coming in the next few weeks as Brave will be shooting into theaters on June 22nd with the short film La Luna playing before!

Disney/Pixar is providing me with an all expenses paid trip to San Francisco for an advance screening of Chimpanzee and select footage from Brave. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    This sounds like so much fun! I tried archery once when I was a kid and I was terrible – I’d love to try it again as an adult! And the bagpipes….my favorite! I am very excited to see Brave! I’m in love with her red hair too! :)

  2. says

    The Pixar Studio sounds amazing! That is so cool that you got to do archery and I did not know kilts were so complicated! I am excited to see Brave, the colors look like colors I have not yet seen in a film, and I am loving the main character. So awesome!

  3. says

    I can not wait for this film!!! Red heads have all the fun!

    I was “forced,” to take part in archery every summer at summer camp, and I was dreadful! Bagpipes are just so moving, and tell a story every time I hear them. I would love to have heard the Kilt lesson, as we have Scottish blood lines in our family. Yes, I once priced our family’s tartan, and was just floored at the cost! Have you ever gone to Tartan Days, in St. Charles, great time with STL Scottish folks?!

    Congratulations! Sounds like it was an amazing trip with Pixar!

  4. Cassie says

    I will say it again I am totally jealous! What a fun event. I love how they had you all experience things about the film. Which I have no doubt that they researched to be accurate. Love the kilt humor. I might have to teach that to Chloe for

  5. JimMacQ says

    Nice post, great pictures. I hope I manage to do as well when I finally get mine done.

    A few comments in reply to others:
    Carrie & Jenny: You probably had a bad teacher. A lot of summer camps and school programs are run by people with little to no training. A decent coach can make a huge difference.

    Sarah: It shouldn’t be that hard; most likely the bow you were using was too heavy for you. There are light-weight bows (15-20 lbs draw weight)and most beginner classes use them these days. It should not be a struggle to draw the bow.

    Anyone looking for a place to try archery should email me, and I’ll help you find a local range.

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