Make It Pretty Wednesdays: Mother’s Day Kid’s Flower Art

This year we are putting together a little “work of art” for the special grandmas in our lives! The do love anything that the grandchildren make with their own little hands! We put together an easy to make kid craft 3d art piece with foam, a thin canvas and our favorite… Glue Dots®!

Here is what you will need:

  • Thin canvas board
  • Colored foam sheets
  • XXL Glue Dots® Sheets
  • XL Glue Dots® Sheets
  • Continuous Glue Lines® Roll
  • Light blue acrylic paint
  • Paint brush, green marker & scissors

    1. Paint the canvas.

    1. Cut out the petals and grass.

    1. Place the XXL Glue Dots® on the canvas. I used three; one for each of my kids!

    1. Draw stems!

    1. Let the kids add the petals. My 5 year old had a pattern going, while the 3 yr old decided to color block, although he didn’t call it that! I added the foam petals on the third flower, as the baby was only interested in “taste testing” the petals!

    1. Add the XL Glue Dot® in the center of the larger flowers.

    1. Add the extra petals

    1. Add a line of Continuous Glue Lines® along the bottom and add the grass.

We are going to give this “Flower Art” to the grandma’s in our life with a card that says something like:

We grow like little flowers

happy in the sun

because you give us love,

hugs and lots of fun.

We love you, Grandma!

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team.



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