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This Week’s Topic:  Favorite Craft or Art Project

Hayden loves to do anything that has to do with art. I’ve been wishing that I could create an art room for him in our house. He loves to paint, color, play with play-doh and more.

Luckily at Hayden’s school they do a lot of art projects too! Right now our fridge and doors are covered with his artwork! I still haven’t gotten around to trying out of some of the creative ways to hang artwork that I posted about awhile ago.

One of Hayden’s most recent art projects from school that he loves is a bunny that he drew with a carrot! That cracked him up for awhile! He still can’t believe he was drawing with a carrot!

In addition to painting and coloring, he also likes to get a little messy! We recently made cloud dough which is basically flour and baby oil and had a ton of fun!

I want to hear or see some of your favorite arts and crafts projects for your toddler!

 Next Week’s Topic:  Emily, Lolo and Melissa are going to do a VIDEO chat where we talk all things toddler! Do you have questions? Let us know! 

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