Make It Pretty Wednesdays: Father’s Day Frog Bookmark Kid Craft w/ Glue Dots®




I believe that the best gifts are handmade. I love surprising our relatives with the precious creations made by my kid’s tiny hands. And I love receiving them too! But, whatever projects we do, they have to be fast with children as young as mine. If you need a quick, easy but sweet handmade gift for Father’s Day-make him a Frog Corner Bookmark!



You will need:




    1. Cut a rounded section out of the corner of the green envelope as shown.


    1. Flip the rounded triangle to the best side facing you and cut that side a half inch or so shorter.




    1. Snip off a section from the corner so your frog will have a flatter head.


    1. Now it’s time for his eyes. Cut your frog two of the same shaped pieces of paper from the remaining part of the envelope in a size that will complement your frog head. Ad the wiggle eyes using the Glue Dots®.



    1. Adhere the eyes to the back side of the frog head also using Glue Dots®.



    1. Cut a tongue from the scrap of red paper. Adhere to the underside of the top layer of paper using Glue Dots®. You put it on the top layer so it is visible when it’s being used as a bookmark.



    1. Add a nice little message for Dad so he will see it every time he finds his place in his book and takes the bookmark out.


Are you doing anything crafty with your children in honor of Father’s Day this year?

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team.

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