No Summer Holiday for #ChildHunger {How You Can Help!}




I’ve been lucky enough to work with ConAgra Foods on their Child Hunger Ends Here campaign the last few months. It’s been wonderful to spread the awareness on this issue both online and off.

As summer approaches, I’ve been thinking of all the fun memories that I can create for my son like games in the back yard, BBQ’s, road trips and more. For other children, summer means a time of food insecurity and empty stomachs. With school being out for the summer, many children that received free or reduced-price lunches at school aren’t getting the food that they need at home.

From an article from The Huffington Post, the Food Research and Action Center explains: “The federally-funded Summer Nutrition Programs, which provide nutritious meals and snacks to low-income children during the summer months, are falling increasingly short of meeting the needs… The limited reach of the Summer Nutrition Programs meant that for the majority of those children, the end of the school year was the end of the healthy, filling meals on which they counted.”

If you’re like me, it didn’t even hit me about the impact of summer vacation and children not getting the meals that they need. Check out the video below of just how hungry children are at school.



It’s scary and as a Mother, my heart breaks for these children. This summer though there is a lot you can do in your community to help your local food bank to keep them stocked!


Help to End Child Hunger this Summer

– Organize a Food Drive at your workplace or child’s summer camp. ConAgra has a great website that offers tips and support to start a food drive. You can also see what resources your local food bank offers.

– Create a Facebook Group and let your friends and family know that you’ll be making a donation to your local food bank. Give them a set date to bring items by your house or let them know you can come by their house to pick up items. Then, make a family trip to your local food bank to drop off a great donation!

– Buy ConAgra products featuring a red thumb tack. Each package that has a code, you can register it online at and ConAgra will donate one meal to a food bank.


Find out where a food bank is located near you and check out my list of the Top 11 Items Food Banks Need

Did you ever think about the increase of food insecurity during the summer? Do you have any other ideas on how we can help?

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign and have been compensated for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I love being able to help out causes without having to spend a lot out of pocket. I like how I can buy products I would ordinarily buy anyway, but do some good at the same time :).

  2. says

    Thanks for the reminder! I have a box of food sitting in the dining room that I keep forgetting to drop off at the food bank, I will get it there this week!

  3. Meagan P - Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

    Makes me very happy when brands make it easy to do good things – so many people feel overwhelmed by big problems like child hunger, and it makes them just try to tune out the message, since they don’t know how to help. Simple steps like this allow people a great way to jump in and help out :)

  4. says

    As a teacher, unfortunately I know first hand the impact of summer vacation on students that rely on school food. It is awesome to know that ConAgra Foods has this amazing program to help these kids.

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