Make It Pretty Wednesdays: 4th of July Flag Straws! Easy & Fun!

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Printables are everywhere! And for everything too-party decor, scrapbooking and more! Wanna hear a secret? I have NEVER used a printable in all of my crafting time. Crazy right? But when I started brainstorming about a 4th of July craft, some sort of printable made sense. I wanted to do a US Flag on a straw for 4th of July barbecues and parties-but creating a tiny flag would be nothing short of tedious with all those stripes and stars! Something printed would make it so much easier-especially when making multiples!

Here is what you will need:

paper cutter, glue dots lines, straw and printed flags

    1. Find an image of a US flag. I just used a Google image search and found something printable and free for non-commercial use. I copied and pasted into Paint. I then made a copy and placed them side by side and then flipped the left one horizontal, leaving a half inch or so of space between.

    1. Cut out the flags.

paper images of flags

    1. Place a 1″ Glue Line® in the center between the two flags and another on on edge both vertically as shown.

glue lines on back of paper flags

    1. Apply straw to center Glue Line®.

straw attached to center of back cut out paper flags

    1. Fold paper over and adhere, creating your flag!

paper flag on straw

Be safe and have a very happy Independence Day!

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I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team.


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