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Has your family made the switch to CFL light bulbs? If not, you should! GE Lighting has a vast array of options including: GE Energy Smart CFLs and LEDs, GE Reveal, Energy Smart Bright from the Start and Energy Efficient Soft White light bulbs. Why are these so great compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs? Take the GE Energy Efficient Soft White bulbs for instance. They are the same size, shape, are fully dimmable and are instantly bright when turned on. But they will save you 28% in energy! See how they compare:



The Energy Smart® Bright from the Start™ are different from traditional CFL bulbs. Hybrid halogen technology allows them to be instantly bright! Plus, they are good for the environment!



You can see the Bright Start light bulbs in action:


Not sure if you want to make the switch yet? Maybe the GE Energy Smart® CFL Savings Calculator will help you decide! I counted up how many bulbs we used and came up with a whopping annual savings of $249.81 and a savings of $1368.80 over the life of the bulb! Can you believe that?

Along with switching to CFL bulbs, your family can do a number of easy things that will make a big difference in saving energy! Some of these are: unplugging chargers when they aren’t in use, only run full dishwashers and laundry loads, wash at the lowest temperatures possible, turn water heaters to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and of course, shut off the lights when you are not in a room!

This calls for a DIY project to showcase these great GE Energy Efficient bulbs, don’t you think? Join me in my creative process as I shop for GE Reveal CFL bulbs and supplies to put together sconces for our bedroom in my Google+ album! Energy saving bulbs and a money saving home decor project: DIY Bedroom Sconces!



Off to Walmart I go! In the lighting aisle, I find GE offers so many options to choose from!


My husband and I love the color and quality of light of the Reveal light bulbs. They use less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and they last five years!


Two inexpensive zebra printed lamps, one yard of the perfect fabric and less than $6 per bulb! I am ready to create!


What I used for the DIY Bedroom Sconces:

  • Two cheap zebra lamps
  • Yard of fabric
  • Tea bags & hot water
  • Thinner jute twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Two GE Reveal 10w bulbs

The fabric was way too white! I prefer fabrics in off-whites and creams. I put hot water in a clear bowl-so I could see the color more accurately. I added the tea bags and allowed it to steep for about five minutes, then added the fabric. After soaking in the tea bath for just twenty minutes or so, I rinsed the fabric until the water ran clear. Then I popped it into the dryer to dry and fluff. The result was beautiful!



While I was waiting for the fabric to dry, I deconstructed the lamps as carefully as I could. At first I was not going to keep the inner plastic-like lining, but decided to in order to make the shades even more opaque. Because I wanted to hang these lamps upside down, the little ball feet had to go! My husband got out his wire clippers as I took pictures. Using the glue gun, I started at the top, most visible part of the lamp and started gluing the fabric, folding it over to create a nice edge. I also made sure that the seam would be in the back of the lamp. I continued gluing around the top perimeter.



I cut the fabric allowing enough to fold over and glue as shown.

I trimmed the excess fabric from the bottom of the shade only allowing about a 3/4″ overhang. Then I folded over the fabric and glued.

We attached the outdoor pot hangers to the wall and tied a length of the jute twine from one corner to the corner diagonal and repeated. We hung our new sconces from the twine and snaked the cord up and around the outdoor hangers. After inserting the bulb and plugging them in, we turned them on! The result was beautiful! They made perfect additions to our bedroom!




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    I like the makeover. The zebra print would go in my daughter’s room, and that is about it…lol.


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