Marbling Art Rainy Day Preschool Craft

What do you do with stir-crazy kids when it’s rainy outside? I usually pull out our large tote filled with art and craft supply odds and ends! Watching the children create masterpieces, entertaining themselves as they explore, makes for a fun-filled afternoon!

If you want an idea that is not only creative, but makes frame-worthy pieces of kid-art, check out the Marbling Art Preschool Craft guest post I did on the Gummylump Blog! We played with shaving cream and Melissa & Doug finger paints to create a marbling effect.

marbling art

It was also a lesson in color theory for the kids: red + blue = purple, etc. It started out with paint placed very carefully, and ended in a big yet fun mess and paint up to our elbows!

The pages ended up having a soft coating due to the shaving cream layer-a very interesting effect! It was fun to see the kids experimenting and trying new color combinations.

You should follow the Gummylump blog! It is packed with things to do with your kids that are both educational and a great time!

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