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A few months ago I had the opportunity to fly to Atlanta, Georgia and attend the Conversations with Coca-Cola Event at their headquarters. To date, this is one of my most favorite events that I have attended because it was just that – a fantastic, eye-opening, inspiring conversation with one of the most respected (and one of my favorite!) brands around.

I arrived in Atlanta pretty early and was excited to have lunch with a fantastic group of bloggers – we had such great conversations!

L-R; Amanda from Midwestern Moms, Me, Elizabeth from Table for Five, Jill from The Diaper Diaries and Candy from Mommypalooza


The next day started off bright and early at the Coca-Cola Headquarters, where we enjoyed breakfast and of course, lots of Coca-Cola products! I honestly start my day off with a Diet Coke, but there were lots of other choices too ranging from sodas, juices, water and even a coffee drink.

Coca-Cola Headquarters


After a delicious breakfast, the event started off with Megan Calhoun of Social Moms (formally Twitter Moms) speaking to us. Megan shared with us on how Twitter Moms was created and how important branding is. When thinking of your own personal brand, you should focus on three pillars which are the foundation.


Megan Calhoun of Social Moms


Listening to Megan really inspired me when thinking of the Sippy Cup Mom brand, which led into our next fun project – creating a Vision Board! I had never created a Vision Board before but was excited to get started. We went through dozens of magazines to create our board and I decided on the theme of “Work/Life Balance”. We’re all trying to find a balance, right?


This was such a fun exercise and it helped shed light on what I wanted to focus on as a blogger and what I wanted to focus on as mother and wife. I encourage you to create your own vision board too – just grab some magazines!

We then had the opportunity to present our vision boards to the room and say a few words – it was inspiring (that word keeps coming up!) and emotional to hear all of these fantastic women’s goals and vision.

We then had a delicious lunch from Subway (where I tried Coke Zero for the first time – is it just me or do drinks taste better from bottles?) and had the chance to listen to Monica Vazquez, Subway’s Official Trainer. Monica shared with us tips and advice on the best exercises to do and how leading a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Then, we headed outside for a quick workout!

Next up was one of my favorite sessions, “Women in the Workplace”. This panel consisted of seven women executives that worked for the Coca-Cola Company. It was again, so inspiring and motivating to hear these women talk of  what they do for the company and how they balance life at home also. We also heard how Coca Cola Co has a goal of empowering 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020 and how they have given over $100 million to higher education! I love a company that supports education!

My favorite quote was from Wendy Clark, the Senior VP of Marketing Communications.

I’m a better mom because I work. I work better because I’m a mom.

I completely agree with this! I know that from working on Sippy Cup Mom I have learned so much that has helped me grow as a mother. And I’ve been able to bring so much to Sippy Cup Mom because I’m a mother.


Women in the Workplace Panel


After an amazing day, we then headed to the World of Coca-Cola! I loved learning more about the history of Coca-Cola, in addition to trying out different Coke products from around the world!

We ended the day with a delicious dinner and great conversation at BLT Steakhouse, which is located in the W Hotel.

Day Two

We spent the next day of our trip learning more about the history of Coca-Cola and their “Live Positively” message. They truly believe that family comes first with all of their employees and encourage that. We also learned about their commitment to local parks through their “America is Your Park” imitative.

Then, it was time to learn more about Seagram’s, another Coca-Cola brand. It’s not the alcohol, but flavored sparkling water. With groups, we even got to play mixologists and try to create a brand new drink.

Seagram’s is definitely a refreshing  and I loved the drink that we created which included Seagram’s White Peach, Odwalla Mango Tango and fresh pineapple!

Mommypalooza with our Drink Creation


After lunch and a trivia game, our day was sadly over. We all headed to the airport and we were on our way home!

I had such an amazing trip in Atlanta for the Conversations with Coca-Cola Event. I learned so much, made so many new friendships and left with an even greater respect for a company that I loved!


Disclosure: I attended the Conversations with Coca-Cola event where they  is provided travel and accommodations to and from Atlanta. I have not been asked to blog about the event or this information, but want to share this experience with my readers! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. ANN*H says

    Wow what a great trip yous got to go to for Coca Cola . I am a big fan of them. I also collected Coca Cola items for years. This looked like a fun trip not to be forgotten. Yous are lucky girls I must say. Have a Coke and a smile and yous did.

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