Seen on Pinterest: Bento Box School Lunches


Hayden just started his second year of preschool and while he only goes in the afternoons and eats lunch at home, I figured why can’t he have a fun lunch at home?

Over on Pinterest, I’ve started a Food is Fun Board and I have been seeing the most creative lunches to serve at home or for your child to bring to school! Here are just a few of my favorites to check out!


The blog Meet the Dubiens has a ton of bento box lunch ideas – over 100 of them! Make sure to check out her blog as the ultimate resource! She’s even got posts on where to buy the cute bento boxes she features!










Make sure to click on the pictures for even more great ideas!

I love the idea of doing this and I found this set of 4 Easy Lunchboxes that are BPA-Free and only $13.95!



Do you make your kids fun lunches?


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    Since this is Chloe’s first year to eat lunch at school, I have been making her lunch everyday. I am enjoying it and loving all the food fun on pinterest too.

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    I love the Bento boxes, we use ours everyday. But cute lunches – no such luck for my little kids. I am just happy when I get some fruit & veggies in there! :-) Cute ideas though, maybe one day…

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    Those are super cute, but who has time for all of that? Not this mom. When Rylie starts taking her lunch next year, I’ll be lucky to have time to slap some PB&J on bread and throw some fruit and baby carrots in there. 😉

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