Guest Post: Planning a Toddler Party


When planning a toddler party, it’s worth thinking through some of the specific areas that you need to cover to make it a success. Most notably, you have to consider how very young children may only need a short party, and that they can get overwhelmed with too many activities. It’s also important to pick the right children’s party entertainment for the day, and to make sure that you serve food that’s suitable to the ages attending the party. Following some general rules over safety and keeping toddlers from fighting is also important to putting together a stress free, fun toddler party.



In terms of when you have your toddler party, a morning event can work best if you want to throw a party when children aren’t too tired. Check with other parents over when other children tend to have naps during the day, and plan around it to avoid loading on too much for the day. Restricting the number of attendees for the party is also recommended, as it’s easier to handle three or four toddlers than it is to make a mass invitation. Produce invitations that set out exactly when the party is due to finish, and recommend what other parents should bring in terms of clothes, cake, and other items. Having lots of other parents, family and friends around will make it easier to deal with any problems.

While it’s important to have some kind of theme, most of the time it’s not worth spending too much time on making a toddler party an elaborate event. Toddlers can get involved in picking colours, or even selecting a favourite television or film character, but don’t tend to be too critical if a party is kept simple. For activities and entertainment, remember that toddlers will tire out easily, and will usually have a limited attention span. Play music during the party to keep children entertained, and try to have some singalongs and dancing with parents.

Focus on simple activities like craft tables and colouring in, or set up a space for toys. Mazes and obstacle courses might also be set up in a back garden. Pinatas might be set up if the toddlers are old enough to take part. Having dressing up areas, crayons and toys around should provide a less structured environment for children to make lots of noise and play. In warmer weather, you might want to put out a paddling pool, or some blocks that can keep toddlers and their parents entertained.

When preparing food, check for any allergies, and put out simple treats, avoiding any hard sweets that might be a choking hazard. Dips and cracks are a good idea for keeping things simple, as are mini pizzas. Some fruit slices and other healthy snacks can also be a good idea if you want to mix up the food on offer. Have some extra food ready for parents, and provide squash, fruit juice, and some soft drinks if the toddlers are old enough. Be careful to have spill proof cups for younger toddlers, and recommend to parents that children wear old clothes if there’s going to be a lot of mess. Having bean bags around on the floor will also help to prevent any accidents and falls.



  1. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh really great tips! I think we always tend to put so much together, and with the little ones, sometimes its just too much! We made the mistake a year ago about doing it around naptime. UGH….will never do that again!

  2. Jenny Franklin says

    Love the mazes and obstacle course idea! I tend to steer clear of pinatas. Can’t count the number of accidental injuries pinatas have caused! Even when everyone stood clear back, my brother managed to lose his grip on the stick and nail my sister. Better to avoid that sob fest.

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