Jake and the Never Land Pirates Costumes – Where to Find Them!


Last year, Jake and the Never Land Pirates popped onto the small screen and has become instantly popular with young kids, including mine! Hayden really wanted to be Jake last year for Halloween but there just weren’t any costumes available yet for Jake and the Gang. I posted about some DIY Jake and the Never Land Pirate Costumes last year but I never got around to making one.


Jake Costume

The Jake costume is available at the Disney Store, but seems to be sold out consistently! Luckily, Amazon also sells the costume in a variety of sizes!

Jake Costume


This Jake and the Never Land Pirate Costume is just so cute! It’s available in size 2T all the way to Boys 6.

If you’re looking for another fun alternative, you can also buy the Fisher-Price Talking Spyglass that comes with Jake’s Headband and a Never Land map!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Spyglass, Headband and Map



Izzy Costume

If you have a little Izzy in the house, you will love this adorable costume! The Disney Store has the Izzy costume for a great price!

Izzy Costume


The costume at the Disney Store is only available for toddler sizes, so if you have an older girl, you may want to check out this Izzy costume over on Amazon! It goes up to a size 6X but is a lot pricier.


Sadly, I’m unable to find a Cubby costume so you’ll have to check out my DIY Cubby Costume post!


Captain Hook Costume

If you have a Captain Hook in the house, there’s a costume for you! My son was Captain Hook last year, it’s one of his favorite characters!

Captain Hook Costume


The Captain Hook Costume can be found in sizes 3T all the way up to a Boys 8!


Continue the Fun!

If your child is like mine, the costumes don’t go away on Halloween! Continue the fun with this Playhut Bucky from Jake and the Never Land Pirates! This is definitely going on my son’s Christmas list because I can just imagine the hours of fun!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Bucky Ship


Which Jake and the Never Land Pirates Character does your child want to be?


  1. How cute are these costumes?! My kids love Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I’ll have to keep these in mind for next year.

  2. Omg!! I am in love with that Bucky playship! How awesome! We saw a little girl at Disney dressed up as Izzy a few weeks ago. I really wish I could talk Maggie into being her for Halloween! So cute

  3. Those are sooooo cute!!! I love the little girl pirate :)

  4. Candice Stoves says:

    My kids love Jake and the Never Land Pirates! They are going to be pirates for Halloween. I just love the pop up tent! Fun!

  5. Karen Medlin says:

    I think my guy would like to be the Captain Hook, he would like that hook hand. :)

  6. We need these! All we have are girl dress ups so we need some pirate stuff for my son!

  7. Jessica Beard says:

    the Jake costume would be pretty easy to do. I love the hut-my son would like it too!

  8. Mary Dailey says:

    These are the cutest costumes. I have a feeling we will be looking for them.

  9. Those are such cute costumes! My grandson is going to be Brewster from Chuggington this year.

  10. The Izzy costume is very cute!

  11. How cute and fun! Brings me back to those days of trick-or-treating!

  12. Christine says:

    My kid wants to be Captain Hook Costume. I really love these costumes.

  13. Jennifer Young says:

    I love these! My girls really love Jake and the Neverland pirates too. I’m wondering if I could convince them to wear these next Halloween, lol. They change their minds every day about what they want to be!

  14. I would love to get my daughter the pink pirate costume, a nice change from princesses!

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