Pregnancy Update: 17 Weeks with Twins


Wow! 17 weeks! I feel like this pregnancy is just flying by! I can hardly believe that in about 4.5 months the twins will be here!

17 Weeks Pregnant with Twins – Stripes are not flattering!


How Far Along:

17 weeks, 4 Days! Time is flying by! I’m still measuring about 4-5 weeks ahead still.

Total Weight Gain:

Up 5 pounds. I finally have my appetite back!

How Big Are The Babies?

Around this time your baby’s ears pop from his head and Baby-to-be can now sense sounds. After all, he has plenty to listen to in utero! He’s accustomed to the strong beating of your heart, blood rushing through your veins, and your stomach grumbling. He can also discern sounds outside the uterus, like your voice and music. Although, according to the Mayo Clinic, whether he can distinguish the sound of your voice versus other sounds is not yet clear.

On average, most moms are feeling fetal movement by week 17. Kick, little one, kick!

This week your little one weighs in at around 5 ounces and stretches to just over 5 inches (crown to rump). He is about the size of a red onion. (Via Baby Zone)

Food Cravings:

I’m still craving beef and also garlic bread. I can’t get enough of it!

Food Aversions:

Nothing in particular!


– Exhaustion: I’m still really tired. I’ll get spurts of energy but they don’t last too long.

– Heartburn: Still getting a lot of heartburn, but not as much as I did during the first trimester!

– Hormones: Yes, I’ve been crying at almost everything {Google commercials, TV shows, movies, the news…} and I’ve been super irritable too. Not good for my husband, who has been such a trooper on this roller coaster!

– Round Ligament Pain: I’ve been getting sharp pains throughout my hips, back and stomach. It’s especially painful after sleeping or walking a lot.

– Blood pressure: My blood pressure has been elevated a few times, so they are going to keep a close eye on that.


We just had an ultrasound last week to check on the babies – Baby A was super active and Baby B was just relaxing, which was the opposite of the last ultrasound. They tried to get a peek at the sex and while Baby A MAY have looked like a boy, they just weren’t positive. My next ultrasound, which is the anatomy one, is scheduled for October 16th.

How is Hayden Reacting?

Hayden is still really excited! We bought him a Big Brother book that we have been reading to him and we plan on bringing him to an ultrasound soon so he can see them on the screen instead of just pictures.

This Week, We’re Talking About…

The Twins room! We are turning our empty dining room into their room since we only have a 2 bedroom house. We have also been talking about a theme for the babies room. We are pretty much settled on a Peter Pan theme nursery, since we think it can work for a Boy/Girl room or 2 Boys. If it’s 2 Girls, it could still work but I might want to do something differently. 😉

Last Appointment:

My appointment last week with my OB was pretty basic except I had to do my 1 hour glucose test. Results come back this week, so my fingers are crossed I get good news. {Update: I passed! My OB called and let me know, I’m shocked!}

Like I mentioned above, we also got to see the twins from the ultrasound, which never gets old!


Next Appointment:

My next appointment is with my High Risk Doctor for twins on October 16th. I’m now going to be seeing both him and my regular OB and we have it sorted out where I’ll be seeing a doctor every 2 weeks.

I’ll also be getting the Anatomy Scan during this appointment so fingers crossed for some cooperative babies!


I’ll be updating for sure after that appointment when I’m 19.5 weeks!



  1. says

    Wow – I can’t believe how fast time seems to be going – I feel like I just saw your announcement! Can’t wait for the big gender reveal (crossing my fingers for cooperative babies!!)

  2. Angela says

    I am so glad to hear you finally have your appetite back and hopefully soon some more energy. I can’t wait to see your nursery when it’s finished. Peter Pan will be such a cute theme!

  3. says

    You are the cutest! I am so excited for you and am looking forward to photos of the sweet babies! I am so excited for you and your family!!! :)

  4. says

    Garlic made me so sick with my first kid… oh my goodness…. I had to be really close to the bathroom if I ate it! The other kids.. it was just fine!

    Good luck with finding out what the genders are!

  5. says

    If memory serves me correctly, the 20 week ultrasound is a looooong visit. I was there for almost 2 hours, getting the ultrasound since it’s tough to get all those measurements on two babies. If you’re bringing Hayden, make sure he has plenty of snacks and toys to keep him happy. Isabella lost it and Brett ended up having to leave the room with her and missed the end of the ultrasound. Good luck!

    • says

      I actually was just thinking about that this morning! I think we may skip bringing him to the 20 week and bring him to another one since I’ll be getting so many. I can’t see him sitting still!

  6. Natalie @Sippycupmom says

    So happy for your family!! I love the Peter Pan idea! So glad that everything is going so well and I CAN’T WAIT for the 16th… I can’t imagine how excited you guys are to find out!

  7. says

    Congrats on having twins! You seem to be doing so well, considering there are two little ones in there, that is wonderful! I can’t wait to read your gender reveal post!

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