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A few weeks ago I shared how we were searching for the perfect crib mattresses for our twin girls. We were looking for a mattress that would be safe, easy to clean and something that would grow with them into the toddler years. We found all that and more with the Serta Quiet Nights Crib Mattress!

The Quiet Nights Crib Mattress is a dual sided crib mattress that features the Original Serta® Exclusive Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam – just like the mattress we sleep on!


Serta Quiet Nights Mattress Label


Baby in Crib Mattress 2


Stay Cool with Serta’s Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam

Getting overheated is never good for infants and toddlers. With Serta’s Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam, the crib mattress is up to 12 times more breathable than ordinary memory foam for a cooler sleep.

The world’s first memory foam is infused with the support and cooling touch of Serta’s MicroSupport™ gel and the MicroSupport™ gel beads gather together to provide extra support where your child needs it most.




From Infant to Toddler with the Multi-Stage Whole Child Design™

If you’re looking for a mattress that will grow with your child, then this is it! No need to buy a crib mattress and a toddler mattress! The Quiet Nights Serta Crib Mattress is designed for both! Serta Mattresses has years of experience of building comfortable mattresses and they have put together a crib mattress that has the ideal layering of Woven Mesh on both sides for durability, a layer of OrthoSupport™ on both sides for comfort and finally a layer of Natural Cococoir™ on the infant side for stability creating their most harmonic baby blend to date.

There’s also a full layer of Serta’s revolutionary memory foam designed just for your toddler. It provides just enough pressure and support while staying cool so no more tossing and turning for your toddler – just a good night’s sleep!


Quiet Nights Crib Mattress Infant and Toddler Side


Stay Dry with StayDri™ Technology

I can’t tell you how many times both during the day and the middle of the night I had to take my son out of his crib, peel off the wet sheets and then make sure that the mattress was completely dry and clean. With Serta’s StayDri™ Technology, both the jacquard fabric cover and the laminated vinyl is easy to wipe clean and it also repels moisture, keeping your baby dry and comfortable – a must for a crib mattress!


Be Safe with Serta and {And Also Fight Allergies!}

A big concern of ours is making sure that the mattress is SAFE! The Quiet Nights Crib Mattress features the Serta Fireblocker®, a precise blend of natural and synthetic fibers that passes all state and federal flammability testing and a blend that not only adds safety to your child’s mattress but also adds an additional layer of comfort.

I suffer from allergies and while I don’t think any of my children do, the crib mattress is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant to help protect the mattress from potential allergens!


Built to Last

Childhood is rough and when you buy a product for your little one, you want it to last! Serta’s Quiet Nights Crib Mattress is built to last all the way through toddlerhood {and longer!} and even has a limited lifetime warranty.

How do I know the mattress is built to last? The fancy speak is there are 221 continuous coils with a full perimeter border wire, 4 vents for natural air circulation, 4 corner supports for reinforcement and 2 flex clips to provide edge stability – all while providing comfort and support for your infant and toddler.


Baby Crib Mattress


When we chose the crib mattress when my 5 year old son was born, we just didn’t do any comparisons or really check out the features of other mattresses. There are so many fantastic features of the Serta Quiet Nights Crib Mattress that it makes me feel good knowing that my little ones are getting such a good nights rest – which means I am getting a good nights rest!

It’s a Quiet Night in the Sippy Cup household with the Quiet Nights Crib Mattress!


Disclosure: I am Serta Blogger and am being compensated for my time and participation in the program. I am also receiving an iComfort Mattress. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to Serta for banishing the counting sheep from my life.


  1. says

    I can’t believe this crib mattress has so many great features! I especially like that there is a baby & toddler side. Both of our kids are still using their crib mattresses at age 2 & 4 and they are worn out. Having specific sides would help with that! Your girls are adorable!

  2. says

    Your pictures are great! I have never seen a two sided mattress. Multi-functional products are so wonderful. I love how companies are taking the “grow with me” trend and running with it! What a great mattress – I’m jealous.

    Drive Me Crazy Family Adventure

  3. Olivia Rubin says

    Is that Princess Olivia? Or little miss Evelyn? I didn’t realize that your infant needs mattress, and not just any mattress, but probably a good one since they are developing. I don’t think my sister is at all aware of want she needs. I have learned so much by entering giveaways..heck I should be the one at 16 weeks. Everything I am learning from your reviews and others I am making a list and will tell her when the teaching year ends. I like that there are 2 sides to,this mattress. It kinda looks better than my mattress.


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