Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party! #UBP13

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Wow! It’s already that time of the year again – 5 Minutes for Mom’s Ultimate Blog Party! Thanks for stopping by Sippy Cup Mom and pour that glass of champagne or wine as you hop through all of these blogs! And drink one for me, will you? I’m currently nursing twins!


My name is Melissa and I’m a blogger and work-at-home mama. Here on Sippy Cup Mom is where I blog about a little bit of this and a little bit of that! I love covering everything from our travels, Disney {We’re a little bit obsessed!}, technology, recipes, entertainment, reviews, giveaways and more!

You’ll also find me sharing about my newborn twins {they just turned 5 weeks old!} and my five year old son who is always on the go-go-go!


Lately, you’ll find me on Pinterest in the middle of the night when I’m up with those gorgeous girls or trying to read a book on my new Kindle Fire that my hubby got me for Christmas. I have a slight reading obsession and I’m currently reading Firefly Lane for about the 5th time!

I also love the St. Louis Cardinals and try to attend as many games as possible! Not sure how many games I’ll get to attend this season, but I’ll be cheering them on from home!

If you like crafts, check out the weekly feature Make it Pretty Wednesdays, written by my super amazing contributor Natalie.

She rocks.

Superman and Me

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Stick around, leave a comment and let me know where I can find you – and don’t mind if you get a comment from me in the middle of the night, I keep odd hours lately! Let’s party!


  1. Melissa – such cute kiddos! I bet you are a pro at time management to be able to blog – with twins! Love the colors in your design, by the way!

  2. Congrats on your twins!! Wow, your home is filled with blessings!

  3. oh my – and i thought one boy was bad enough! Good luck!

  4. Happy UBP!!
    I have got to get me some baby snuggles! Gorgeous family Melissa!! Party on!!

  5. Will you finally agree to move closer to me so that I can come snuggle your babies? My girls would keep Hayden busy (although they are both totally baby crazy, so they would probably try to sneak off with at least one of the twins) and then we could chat. DO IT. ;-)

    Love you, Mama!

  6. Those twins are adorable. Got to love them. Wow you have your hands full with 3 under 5 I remember those days well.

  7. Melissa, those babies are precious. Off to find you on twitter.

  8. Hi Melissa! =) Nice to meet you and lets get this party started!

  9. Supermom! I love that photo of you.

  10. We have something in common, I’ve got twin girls :) They are 3 & half and my son is 5 & half. Enjoy every second of the babies being little, I miss when they would snuggle together & sleep (now they have that love/hate relationship going on, haha!) Nice to meet you through #UBP13!

  11. Blogging with new twins and an active 5 year old, I bow down to you! : ) You would probably find me with my face planted in a drool covered pillow every chance I got.

  12. Congrats on your Twins!

  13. I can’t even imagine the craziness of twins and a 5 year old. I have 3 kids (6, 4, and 19 months) and I am constantly pulled in different directions!

  14. congrats on your beautiful new additions! kudos to you for nursing twins too! it’s draining (pun intended!) nursing one, I can’t imagine 2! God bless and enjoy those kiddos :)

  15. Congratulations on your twins! I just had one of my own…4 months ago…not really “just.” We love Disney as well over here! I believe you know my mom, Linda :)

  16. Visiting from UBP2013!

    What beautiful boys you have, and congratulations on your twins :)

    We love Disney as well, I would go every year if I could LOL

  17. Hello from #UBP13 !!!

    Congrats on your beautiful family!!! I look forward to reading more of your blog :)

  18. Just stopping by to Party! Congrats on the twins! I have a 6month old and I often catch myself on Pinterest or Twitter for those middle of the night feeds also. As for Disney… I wish, I have never been but it is one of my life long dreams. One that I one day hope to conquer with my boys!

  19. Oh my word they are so sweet! Love those littles!

    Disney is fun — magical, right?

    Stopping by from UBP13!

    –Stacey Thacker

  20. Your children are beautiful! I miss those younger years. They grow up so quickly.

  21. Hey Melissa,

    Just dropping by to say “hi”, take in any new pictures of those adorable kids of yours (although I have to say my favorite pic in this post is Supermom with Superman – YEAH!), and tell you once again that I love you – you are a darling person, and I’ll always think of you as my gracious and lovely blogging mentor!

    Happy thoughts your way from Colorado! Let’s party – wooo hooo!! Go #UBP13!

    P.S. I really, really, really wanna win a grapic design or blog makeover prize this year… cross your fingers for me, I need it! ;)

  22. Stopping by from UBP13. Congrats on the twins! My co-blogger (Lindsi) has 5 year old boy/girl twins (plus a 6 year old and a 2 year old!). I’ve got a 4 and 6 year old. Having fun digging through your blog a bit.

  23. Hey Girl, thank you so much for joining the party!

    Your twin babies are precious… but I imagine exhausting to nurse two babies at a time. I always say I love BEING a twin, but I don’t think I’d want to have them.

    I bet their big brother adores them!

    • Thanks so much, Susan! It definitely has been a little exhausting so far! ;-) I kept thinking twins, twins, twins but it finally hit me the other day that I have TWO newborns, who wants that?! LOL!

  24. As a mom of twin boys I absolutely understand what you are going through. What a wild time that is when they are young!

    Excited to find your blog on the Ultimate Blog Party!

  25. Congratulations on your twin boys!
    I hope you’re having a terrific time at the UBP13.
    You have a wonderful blog and family.

  26. Lori Thomas says:

    Congrats on the twins, sooo cute!!

  27. You are an amazing momma! When my son was five weeks old I was still barely showering everyday and he is and was my only child–you’re writing blog posts! I’m so happy to have found your blog!

  28. So nice to ‘meet’ you! How exciting, twins!!!


  29. Hi, Melissa. That picture of your son and twins is adorable! I’m finding a lot of cool stuff on UBP

  30. Hi Melissa! I can’t believe the twins are 5 weeks old already! Just beautiful. :) That photo with you and Superman rocks!

  31. Hi Stopping by from #UBP13 What a beautiful family you have

  32. Hello, how are you? I have been a follower for a while. I love your blog. Have a wonderful week.

  33. Hi there I just came over to party with you. And I’m slightly addicted to my Kindle shhhhhh lol

  34. Awww twins, love it. I always wanted twins. You have a beautiful family.

  35. Stopping by from UBP. I’ve been a follower and email subscriber for a while now. Enjoy reading your blog.

  36. You do so rock! The kids are adorable, the fact that you’ve read the same book five times means we’ll be the very best of friends, I’m convinced and this space is so uplifting and bright. It is such a sweet pleasure to have found you at the Ultimate Blog Party. I’m following you and your work on twitter, pinterest and every which way now and can’t wait to get to know you better.

    If you’re up for it I’d so love to have you join me for the ride at Local Sugar Hawaii, we’re riding the wave of life together, one silly adventure at a time.


  37. truth: I’m already following you on so many of your forums, so I’m all kinds of glad to get to know you all over again. squeeze those adorable kiddos for me. =)

  38. We found your site on UPB. Can’t wait to check it out! We hope you have a minute to come visit ours.

  39. I remember those late (all) nighters nursing my twins. As someone told me at the time – it just gets better. It really does. :)

  40. This is my first UBP! I’ve enjoyed reading your post. Your kids are adorable. Looking forward to meeting new people. Thanks for sharing.

  41. HA! you’re like me pinterest always sucks me in, in the middle of the night we can electronically hoard together :D!

    I am already a twitter follower, but i loved getting to know you a little more :D

  42. Congrats on the twins! Found your site through UBP13! Looking forward to reading your posts!

  43. Hi there! Love the superman pictures. Popping by from Ubp13.

  44. Wow mama, you seriously have your hands full and your breasts! Good for you! I hope your life and hormones are balancing. I can’t imagine what a juggling job you have but how rewarding! I hope you’ll stop by my place – it’s new & I can use all the support I can get :) Wishing you some sleep!

  45. Nice to “meet” you! Such a sweet family! Off to party!

  46. cassandra says:

    Your family is absolutely beautiful! I can’t imagine how you do twins!

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