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I have two younger brothers, and the three of us now have our own families with young kids.  We try to get everyone together every few months to make memories together, sometimes it’s a day outing to the zoo and when we are able to make it a long weekend, we try to do something really special. Last weekend, before we had to send the kids out the door to start the school year, we all enjoyed a long weekend at the coast with our parents.

I love waking up at the coast in the morning. The smell of the coffee brewing mixed with the fresh ocean air. The little ones still sleepy and cuddly having just padded down the hallway from their rooms in their footie pajamas. It was around the breakfast table that we all shared the most laughter. We told the latest funny kid stories and talked about all of the fun family things we did during the summer.

This time, it was the men of the family’s turn to cook us breakfast. My mom even had an apron made for each of the guys, customized with their family’s picture. You can see how excited they were about them!

Men in the Kitchen

They surprised us with some of my Dad’s famous berry crepes. My brothers and husband in the kitchen cracking eggs, stirring the berries on the stove, my Dad giving directions for the special recipe he perfected for years and knew by heart. He used to make it for my brothers and me when we were young, and now he made crepes for his grandchildren too.

Breakfast was excellent. The adults paired the berry crepes with a hot cup of coffee, while the kids had delicious grape juice from Welch’s!

Breakfast 1

We have sweet memories of the special weekend crepes from when we were young, and now our children are going to have these same fond memories surrounded by the whole family.

Welch’s wants to share ‘in the magic of the “kitchen table” moments’. These moments can happen at any time, but the ones that stand out for us are the ones that happen when we congregate around the table as a family, sharing a meal, chatting and laughing. Welch’s has launched a new movement named “Share What’s Good”. Go to Sharewhatsgood.com where you can find great recipes to make with your family along with wonderful ideas for family fun. You can see pictures from others and upload your own showing your “Share What’s Good” moments.

During the weekend, we had many other special “Share What’s Good” moments. We spent hours with the littlest ones digging for shells in the wet sand. The older boys tried out their bright new kites, the grandparents helping them to stay in flight. My husband and I had some time to ourselves and we walked along the edge of the water, holding hands. It was an amazing and memorable weekend for us all!

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  1. Mary Williams says

    I try to make the normal moments of life fun like playing games in the car, or just randomly singing and dancing around!

  2. Hanna says

    We start every day with a family hug (my kids are still little). It’s a nice moment and gets everyone in a good mood first thing in the morning.

  3. Lisa V. says

    After losing my mom about 2 years ago, the way I make things special is to take photos. I probably take more than necessary, but I don’t want to miss any moments to look back on.

  4. kim says

    We have dinner together every night and talk about our day the good things and the bad I think that makes us all closer and connected

  5. Theresa Jenkins says

    just being together is special and actually ‘doing’ things together and my 1# thing is sitting at a table ,eating together and talking!!!NO phones allowed

  6. Monique Rizzo says

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