Never Drive for Coffee Again with Maxwell Coffee Single Serve Cups


Mornings can be seriously hectic for me. Once I’m up, I am feeding my 10 month old twins and then getting my 6 year old ready for school. Most days, I’ll head to the local coffee shop after dropping him off to get a morning pick me up before I head back home. But those daily drinks add up FAST and one of my resolutions for 2014 is to spend less money. Plus, now that I can buy the Maxwell House Café Collection Single Serve Cups, there’s just no excuse! I can now get delicious coffee right at home. So my husband and I have a new house rule!

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That’s right, Never Drive for Coffee! The Maxwell House Café Collection Single Serve Cups are so delicious and easy to use. They are truly the perfect pick me up in the morning! The only driving for coffee you need to do now is to Walmart to pick up these new single-serve cups where you’ll find them at a great everyday low price!

Maxwell House Coffee


My husband and I love the Maxwell House Café Collection Single Serve Cups - our favorite is the House Blend! If there’s one thing that I know will get my husband out of bed in the morning to help me with the kids, it’s a mug of Maxwell House!

What are some of your “House Rules”?

Maxwell House rules will help you get back to coffee basics. Visit to create your own house rule on the Maxwell House magnet board. In addition to the “Never Drive for Coffee” rule we have adapted, below is another one of my new house rules…..because they go together so well!

house rules


Make sure to head over and make your own house rules as well as visiting Walmart to pick up the new Maxwell House Café Collection Single Serve Cups for a great price!

How do you like your coffee? What’s one of your House Rules?


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  1. I agree with these house rules! We are cutting back so I never want to drive for coffee again. I need to pick up some Maxwell House.

  2. Oooh. I didn’t know that Maxwell House makes single serve cups now. Must find out if my supermarket is carrying them yet.

  3. i LOVE these house rules!! and my house, my rules. my coffee pot, my rules

  4. These look like fun, love your house rules. My mom is a huge fan of coffee and I love to purchase it for her around the holidays.

  5. My husband is a big coffee drinker. He likes his loaded with fat-free vanilla creamer.

  6. i drink coffee almost every morning. i like mine sweet.

  7. I am a little weird when it comes to coffee! I just started drinking coffee in 2010, and I only drink iced coffee unless it’s a really cold day. I like a strong coffee over ice with a splash of fat free milk and a splash of flavored creamer. I am trying to cut down on sugar, so eventually I will cut out the creamer too!

  8. My husband and I love starting every day with a cup of coffee and a chat. During the summer, we sit on our back patio and watch the world wake up. I love the way we have been blessed with a world full of wonder – and with coffee. I recently read Corrie ten Boom’s books – In My Father’s House and The Hiding Place – in both, she describes how they were unable to have coffee – and how wonderful it was when she was actually able to find a cup. It’s truly the little things that bless our days!

  9. I don’t drink coffee but they would be perfect for my husband. The single serve cups would be perfect since he’s the only one in the house who drinks it!

  10. i want a maxwell house mug too!!

    we did our house rules yesterday :)

  11. I don’t drink coffee, but this is so handy for those that do and the house rule is awesome.

  12. I love k-cups and I haven’t had Maxwell House in years! Definitely want to try these! And my coffee rule is that my cup should never be empty!

  13. I am not a coffee drinker but my parents are. The Maxwell single serves would be great for them on the run!

  14. Love your house rules. My morning does not start without my coffee.

  15. I like my coffee any way it gets in me ;) House Rules: Don’t talk to mom until she’s had her first cup of the morning!

  16. We are not big coffee drinkers here. I’d rather make a single serving of hot cocoa, since it’s my favorite warm beverage!

  17. I love my coffee doused in cream/milk!

  18. Ooo.. Café Collection. I never drive for coffee either. I used to hit Starbucks all the time when I worked outside the home but don’t have the money for that luxury now. Thinking back, that’s money I could have saved.

  19. I love my coffee super HOT with creamer and splenda. I love it from my Keurig and these Cafe Collection Kcups look great. I may have to try this!

  20. I definitely enjoy my coffee more when there’s a chill in the air.

  21. I cannot drink coffee anymore and boy do I miss it. One house rule we have is kids in bed by 8 pm so mommy and daddy have quiet time.

  22. how fun! We love our Keurig here! Soooooo delicious and convenient!

  23. I LOVE my kerig and didn’t know maxwell house made k cups! I’ll have to find them!

  24. I need to try these out! I don’t think I’ve bought those k-cups yet!

  25. I don’t have a Keurig, but I do love my coffee!

  26. I love Maxwell house! I used to drink it faithfully, and love that is comes in more varieties now!

  27. Love your title! Very clever. I’ve drank Maxwell House before but it’s been a while. Ever co is going to the k-cups which is good b/c I’ve got one. I’ll have to make a point to try it again.

  28. I had my cup of Maxwell House this morning! I love the single serve cups.

  29. There is something wnderful about a hot cup of coffee. It just feel good.

  30. I love the rule you made! I’m so glad my son has afternoon preschool, I don’t have to have crazy mornings just yet.

  31. I like my coffee half cow… lots of milk and sugar! I’m still getting used to the taste!

  32. My hubby drinks coffee daily and we go through the k-cups. I am going to have to grab him a box of these too!

  33. I hate having to leave for coffee!! I also hate wasting coffee when I make too much… I really need to get some sort single serve coffee system :)

  34. I’m so excited about these! As soon as I get over this cold and leave the house again I’m going straight to the store to pick these up!

  35. Coffee is my fav thing and being able to brew one cup is the BEST!

  36. Single serving cups, definitely sounds convenient!

  37. That’s an unspoken house rules of ours as well. The hubs was spending a ton on coffee and his sweet wife bought him a Keurig abd stocked up on k cups and we haven’t looked back since. He loves Maxwell!

  38. I’m not sure I have a house rule, but I really should make a “put everything back where you found it” rule.

  39. Our House rules are all about being supportive. Support each other in all that we do.

  40. I am so not a coffee person but I really think I should try it. Everyone looks so peppy that does!

  41. I love the idea of having house rules! And I love your house rule! I might have to adopt it!

  42. I like my coffee with just a bit of milk. Sometimes I go crazy and add cinnamon :) Isn’t coffee a lifesaver in the morning?

  43. That mug is too cute. We previously purchased Maxwell House coffee when we were doing ground coffee, but then we switched to our Keurig. Glad to know that I can now get single-serving K-Cups for Maxwell House!

  44. We do love our coffee here, but my hubby had to quit so I supported him by quitting too. But we were a cream and sugar couple.

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