Potty Training with the Bumbo Toilet Trainer and Step Stool



Potty Training.  Need I say more?  There are so many articles, books, and unwanted advice thrown at us when we start to go through this process.  Eventually we learn to be patient, not stress (HA!), and let our little one take the wheel.  Bumbo has helped make this process a little easier on not just you, but your little one as well with the Bumbo Step Stool and Bumbo Toilet Trainer.

Bumbo Toilet Trainer and Step Stool


Cecelia got the hang of potty training rather quickly and I was pretty impressed…except for one thing; she was great at going POTTY not poop.  She hated pooping on the potty, would cry and run and hide anytime we even asked her to try.  She was scared, said it hurt her legs, and was worried she was going to fall in.  Enter the Bumbo Toilet Trainer- magic I tell you, pure magic.  It took a few days of her going potty on it to realize she wasn’t going to fall in with this new seat on, but she did it. She went #2 with the Bumbo.

The best features of the Bumbo Toilet Trainer are so simple. The features that make you say “why did no one else think of this?”  The opening for the Bumbo Toilet Trainer is perfect for small tushies and has angles in all the right areas (slots for legs that are perfect for even the toddler with chubby thighs).  As most of us know, the original Bumbo seat is made out of a soft yet tough material that is comfortable but easy for cleaning.  The Toilet Trainer is no different; it is easy to wipe down after use which makes any parent happy. I also love how well it fits on our toilet.  It’s like it was made specifically for our brand.

Bumbo Toilet Trainer


We also received the Bumbo Step Stool to try and let me tell you, Cecelia is in love with this thing.  Being semi-short for a new 3 year old, she can climb onto the Toilet Trainer without assistance as well as wash her hands without me having to hold her up.  We (my husband and I) also love the rubber on the feet the stool. Now, every time she drags the stool across our tiled floor we don’t have to hear that awful noise or worry about the stool slipping while she’s standing on it.  The top of the stool is rubber with circles on top to provide little feet with extra traction.  This feature is awesome when she has slippery socks on or just anytime in general.  Also, the stool doubles as an accomplice for little ones who just can’t quite reach that candy drawer or juice box (we know this from experience).



I highly recommend the Bumbo Toilet Trainer and the Bumbo Step Stool.  These two products, alone or combined make life so much easier when it comes to potty training as well as when our toddlers exercise their independence.  I cannot say enough great things about these products, the ease of use, the ease of cleaning; they did it right.
One thing I wish they were capable of? Folding up so we could take them with us everywhere; they are that great.

Bumbo Cares

Make sure to check out this great video about the Bumbo Cares program – they are working hard to help children in need!

Bumbo Cares Program from Bumbo USA on Vimeo.

You can check out the Bumbo Toilet Trainer and Bumbo Step Stool here along with all the other awesome Bumbo products.

Disclaimer: I have received the above products for review purposes only.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    that is just the CUTEST potty seat ever! we had a bumbo when my oldest was a baby – and for the other kids. but ours was from 8 1/2 years ago!! bumbo has so much more now

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