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I was so excited when I found out that I was pregnant last June. There were so many things I planned to do with this baby that I hadn’t done with my son….extended breastfeeding, cloth diapers and babywearing. When I found out that I was expecting twins, I wasn’t sure how all my plans would work out. I knew that I would still be able to do the breastfeeding {hopefully} and the cloth diapers {a must!} but I wasn’t too sure if I could still wear my baby. After all, I would need to be taking care of two babies!

Luckily, I quickly realized that babywearing was what kept me sane most days! Those first few months, Olivia was so needy. She needed to be close to me, so I would wear her in my Boba Baby Carrier and she would be happy and comforted. It also allowed me to have my hands free to take care of Evie and Hayden, my 5 year old son.


Our Boba Carriers have come in handy so many times. My husband saw how great it was when I wore one of our girls, so we had to buy him one too. It’s so much easier than dragging out a stroller so have started just bringing our carriers with us on outings.

family boba

We have gotten so many compliments and questions about our safe babywearing. A lot of parents and older adults are used to seeing the baby carriers where the child is facing out to “see the world”. But research shows that carrying baby facing inward helps baby attach in a healthy way to parents and prevents hip dysplasia, allowing baby to stay safe and healthy, both physically and psychologically. Each time I have put my girls in my Boba Carrier, they are snug against my chest and they have instantly quieted down. I think they love hearing my heartbeat and I love being able to easily kiss the top of their head. Plus, my girls are always looking to the side with plenty to see!

Nine Reasons Not to Carry Your Baby Facing Out

9 Reasons not to carry your baby facing out

So, there’s nine fantastic reasons to wear your baby facing YOU! I love having a happy, healthy and safe baby while wearing my Boba Carrier. You can learn more about safe babywearing by checking out the Boba website.


We started Boba because we believed Freedom Together with your kids is possible and we wanted to share that passion with parents around the world. We care about children, and we extend that caring to our customers every day through unrivaled quality products and outstanding customer support. Our products are designed, considering the needs of the child, mother, and father.

That’s why I love my Boba Carriers {we are up to 3!}. It gives me the freedom I need while still being with my family. Below are just some of my favorite pictures from babywearing with my twins.

Boba 4G


Boba Eckerts


Boba Tandem Wearing


Check out more great babywearing resources over on my Bonding with Baby Pinterest Board!

Have you ever worn your little one? 

Disclosure: I’m a Boba Ambassador. All thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own. 


  1. Janet W. says

    I never found forward facing to feel comfortable at all. We used a BobaAir with my youngest grandson and the fit felt great!

  2. says

    I’m hoping to be able to baby wear this lil one more than i did my son! I have been looking for a good carrier.. Thank you for sharing!

  3. says

    There are things I am doing this time around that I didn’t with my first as well — including babywearing with a Boba Carrier! I’m glad to see this infographic, as I will not be carrying my baby forward-facing now!

  4. says

    I so agree with carrying baby towards your chest. I have six kiddos and that was what they all seemed relaxed and comfortable in. I felt more secure holding them that way as well. Besides I liked looking at their faces when they were there. I love the picture of you with both babies! I didn’t know they made carriers like that.

  5. says

    I love this! I never wore my first baby but with my second (born in Sept) I’ve loved wearing him! I love the closeness I feel, and thanks for the advice about wearing baby facing me, because I wasn’t sure which was better. I’m glad I’ve been wearing him facing me so far!

  6. says

    I had a carrier with my youngest but I didn’t use it very often. Thanks for sharing this information about babies being front facing, I never would have thought about these.


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