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My son is in Kindergarten and we are struggling with fun ways to teach him how to read. He’s not a fan of learning in the traditional ways of memorizing flash cards so I’m always on the lookout for new ways to grab his interest. If there’s any way to use technology to teach him, he’s in! That’s why I’m loving the iRead With, a groundbreaking shared-reading program on iPad designed to foster language development and help preschoolers get ready to learn how to read. Developed in conjunction with McGill University Child Phonology Lab, iRead With are animated stories that encourage a participative reading experience engaging both child and parent.

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Released just last week is Caillou: Show and Tell, based on the hit television show. iRead With is geared toward children 2-5 but even though my son is 6 and in Kindergarten, the app has really helped Hayden and built his confidence in reading.

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How iRead With Works:

Parents follow a prompting system that encourages them to start a conversation with the child, by asking questions about the story. Children become actively involved in the narrative and get stimulated in a multi-sensory level.

What We Loved

There are a ton of different features to the app. Hayden first liked to listen to the story and as you listen, you can also interact with it by tapping on words to animate the image. This helps children make the connection between text and image.

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Hayden also loved the option to record his OWN voice for words and characters’ dialogue lines. The fact that he was able to record his own voice really helped him remember the words and read with confidence.

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I loved the promoting system, where I was able to ask questions to Hayden about the story. You can even change the level of difficulty for the prompts as you read the story again and again! In Kindergarten, they are really working on reading comprehension and having the kids tell us about the story at the end, so I loved that the iRead With app includes that.

After the fun of reading through Caillou: Show and Tell, your child can also play in the Story Theater! Hayden had fun playing with the little story puppets and recreating the story we just read as well as making up NEW adventures for Caillou!

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Download It!

Caillou: Show and Tell is available for 99 cents {instead of $2.99!} for a limited time only! You can also download the other iRead With eBook, Caillou: What’s That Funny Noise? for FREE!

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iRead With ebooks are available exclusively for iPad in English and French. Stay tuned as there will be six more iRead With eBooks released this year!


  1. My daughters use to love Cailou when they were little. I wish this app were around during their Cailou days.

  2. I think I like the asking questions part the most too. That totally reinforces comprehension skills.

  3. What a great app! My youngest is six and reading now, but I am all for anything that helps kids learn and grow as young readers.

  4. My daughter loves watching Caillou and I had no idea they had a learning app. I love that you can record your voice within the app itself. I am going to have to get this for my ipad!

  5. That is neat.. Anything to help w teaching a child to read… Right now I am focused on teaching my daughter to not leave puddles on the floor… SIGG

  6. caillou brings back so many memories. My daughter loved this show. I bet she’d love it on iRead too!

  7. I am not a fan of Cailou at all but the kids love it. Anything to help with reading.

  8. This is cute! My daughter has seen a couple of Caillou episodes but is not really into the show yet. I’ll have to remember this when she’s a little older.

  9. This sounds like a great app for kids struggling to read. Glad you found it to help your son.

  10. This sounds like a great app for little ones! We love Caillou! I will have to show this to my daughter :)

  11. Ohh, I am downloading this while it’s own sale. My 3 year old is really getting into Caillou, and the app sounds like a perfect complement to the preschool stuff we’ve started doing with him at home.

  12. Very cute app – I think Davey might like this.

  13. The 10 year old used to love caillou. This app would have been perfect for him. Anything that makes learning fun is good with me!

  14. I love apps like this that make learning fun for little ones. They learn without it seeming like a chore, so they grow up loving to read.

  15. I think I’ve heard of iRead. This looks like a great program! I’m a fan of anything that makes children enjoy reading and literature.

  16. My youngest son likes Caillou. I might have to see if this would be a good fit for him.

  17. What an adorable app! I love that they’ve incorporated a fun character into something educational!

  18. I’m quite certain my 4 year old would LOVE this app. Caillou and time on the iPad? Winning on both counts!

  19. Oh Carter would love this! He is a huge Caillou fan! I really love how they can record themselves and also the story theater! Will have to try this with him!

  20. This looks like a great app. Davis loves Calliou so I’ll have to get it for him.

  21. We have this app and my kids love it! They love to record their voice!

  22. Ooh see this would be a good or bad buy for me.. I love reading apps that help, but I don’t really care for Calliou.. LOL

  23. My daughter absolutely adores Cailou. She’s four but when she is ready to read this app would be great to use.

  24. What a great interactive app! I love how you can record the Living Words in your own voice! Thanks for introducing me to the IReadWith program!

  25. Great app! My son watched Caillou when he was little.

  26. I like that you can record their voice. We love Cailou. lol

  27. Both of my sons love Caillou. I will have to check this out for sure!!

  28. Great App! Sending the over to my friends with kids!

  29. I love this appl. Caillou was one of my favorite kid shows when my youngest was smaller!

  30. This looks like a fun app. My nephew absolutely loved Caillou when he was younger!

  31. I love when reading is made fun. It’s a great encouragement for young readers and I have fun with it too! This looks fabulous.

  32. This is an app my kids would have loved when they were little. They always watched the show.

  33. This looks like such a great app! I’ll have to look into this for my preschooler!

  34. Ashley M says:

    I didn’t realize Caillou had this awesome app. My daughter loves cailou and her ipad so I know this will be a hit.

  35. My son likes Caillou, he has a few books that are his favorite so I am sure he would love the app.

  36. This is such a cute app! My daughter caught a glimpse of the screen and squealed “That’s Caillou!”

  37. what a neat app. My son loves Caillou.

  38. I like this app! My son hasn’t discovered Calliou yet. I do love how technology can be put to good use though.

  39. This looks like a great app.My little cousin would have loved this when she was younger. She was such a Caillou fan!

  40. Personally, I’m not a Caillou fan, but my son is and he would love this!

  41. This looks like a cute app that would make reading fun for kids. I love this. :)

  42. Oh what a fun app. My youngest is in Kindergarten but he’s so far loving learning to read at home and bringing home books he has from school to show me all he has accomplished. His new thing is sounding out words and spelling them on his own. He won’t let me help him, if I had know about this app I would have tried it years back in prep for kinder!

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