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I have received information, product, and materials from McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co., the makers of PEPCID®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post for Mom It Forward.

Summer is my favorite time of year. My family and I love spending time exploring the city and being outside. Usually that will include hitting up our favorite restaurants and BBQing in our backyard. My husband and I love to go watch the St. Louis Cardinals play and we just can’t resist the nachos and hot dogs calling our name. As foodies, my husband and I can’t resist taking pictures of all our yummy meals. Below are just some of our favorite treats we have enjoyed this summer!



Funnel Cake

Looking at these pictures, I’m torn between drooling and clutching my chest! Heartburn. It hurts just thinking about it! Did you know that more than 25 million adults experience heartburn daily? It’s different triggers for everyone but some of the common culprits can include food, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, stress and weight. In my case, it’s definitely the FOOD.

Luckily, you can eat your favorite food this summer and enjoy them too thanks to PEPCID® COMPLETE®!

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There’s been so many times that I have eaten some delicious food but it hasn’t sit well after. I want immediate relief, so I turn to PEPCID® COMPLETE®. It starts working right away but best of all, it lasts for the rest of the day – up to 8 hours! I love that it’s a chewable tablet and that I only have to take ONE. I’ve taken other products for heartburn and acid indigestion and it’s always been me taking a few at a time, ever few hours. Not to mention that gross chalky taste – yuck! PEPCID® COMPLETE® comes in two different flavors – mint and berry. I’ve been taking the berry when needed and it actually tastes good!

Pepcid Complete

If you’re a foodie like me that wants to savor what you’re eating – not what comes after, make sure to check out PEPCID® COMPLETE® to help control your heartburn and acid indigestion. Remember, you only need one!

Learn more by visiting the PEPCID® website – you can also like PEPCID® on Facebook!

What food do you love but are afraid to eat due to heartburn? 




  1. says

    Buttered Popcorn! When we go to the movie theater I always put WAAAAY too much butter on the popcorn, and I enjoy it so much. But then in the evening. Oy, I pay for it hugely. And then I say, I’ll never have buttered popcorn again, and then guess what I’m ordering the next time we go to the movies?! sigh… 😉

  2. Julie Wood says

    Your food looks so delicious! But it is true that heartburn can get us when we eat our favorite foods. I think this heartburn medicine really works. I know all about getting heartburn. It is awful!

  3. says

    For me it’s not just one type of food – it’s the AMOUNT of food that I eat that can make me feel awful! Any type of carnival food and I’m done.

  4. says

    Sometimes pizza bothers me, depending on the toppings. Those nachos look amazing. I wish the internet had smell or taste-o-vision!

  5. says

    I usually have problems when I combine foods, like pasta sauce and sugar drinks. I can totally understand the heartburn relief needed for these foods

  6. says

    I love all sorts of food and even drinks that make me have wicked bad heartburn or acid reflux type feeling. It’s uber frustrating because I refuse to stop eating or drinking those things. I may have to give this product a try, as I love eating super spicy hot chicken fingers and even my coffee gives me heart burn most days.

  7. saminder gumer says

    this blog post is making me super hungry. i want them all tonight. i don’t usually get hearburn or acid reflux but if i do i will reach for the pepcid.

  8. says

    Heartburn is the worst man…I have heard of Pepcid for all these years and never used it though. BTW I look all the foodie pics!

  9. says

    Oh my word! The images in this post are amazing, those tacos look so tasty! I should’ve prepared myself for this food post. Now I’m off to bed starving; thank you! : )

  10. Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings says

    All the food looks absolutely delicious!!!! I would need a pepcid to eat it all…but I’m up for the challenge :)

  11. says

    All that food looks mouth watering. I get bad heart burn and acid reflux when I drink apple juice and other juices so I am afraid to drink them.

  12. says

    I never had a problem with heartburn until I was pregnant with our first. Now things randomly bother me. I love chili, but it doesn’t always agree with me.

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