Land O’ Lakes and Feeding America Team Up: Pin a Meal and Give a Meal! #GiveAMeal




When I head to the grocery store, I HAVE to have a list. If I don’t, then I will tend to stray over my budget and get items that we just don’t need. So every week, I sit down on my computer and log on to Pinterest to help me with my weekly menu planning. One of my favorite pinners to check out on Pinterest for meal inspiration is Land O’ Lakes! Their Pinterest account is full of delicious meals like Buffalo Chicken Pizza or Slow Cooker Reuben Sliders. They have meal ideas for everything from cupcake recipes to a board just dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches!

As I’m doing my menu planning for my family of five, it’s hard to believe that one in six people are living at risk of hunger in America. Luckily, there is hope and a way to help! Land O’Lakes has partnered with Feeding America® to kick off a Pin a Meal, Give a Meal campaign and it couldn’t be easier to help feed a family in need.


When you help feed a family, you’re doing more than just putting food on the table. You’re helping them live full and active lives, do better at work and at school, and build better futures. I know that if I skip breakfast, I’m not as productive that morning. The same goes for my son if he skips a meal, he can’t concentrate and doesn’t have a good day. But YOU can help! Now through May 31, the Land O’Lakes Foundation will donate $1* to Feeding America® for every pin or re-pin of a Land O’Lakes recipe. The $1 helps provide 9 meals* secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. The Land O’Lakes Foundation guarantees a minimum of 2.7 million meals* (monetary equivalent of $300,000.00) to Feeding America and member food banks from March 28th through May 31st, 2014.

If you’re like me, you’re already on Pinterest several times a day. So I love the fact that I can get easy meal ideas and help us fight hunger at the same time. All you have to do is pin or re-pin any Land O’Lakes recipe and Land O’Lakes will donate 9 meals to Feeding America for every pin.

pin a meal

Connect with Land O’Lakes

What’s your favorite Land O’Lakes recipe?


This post is sponsored by Land O’Lakes, but all opinions are my own.

Tips on Taking a Road Trip with Kids



Before you know it, Summer will be here and that’s usually the best time to travel with kids! We already have a few road trips scheduled for this summer – Kansas City and Louisville – and we will be taking our big road trip in October to Walt Disney World. My husband isn’t a big fan of flying, so we always drive. Honestly, we have a lot of fun during our road trips and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Packed for a Beach Trip

We took Hayden on his first road trip when he was only 4 months old to Branson, Missouri. In the past 6 years, he has been on numerous trips and is now a road tripping pro. When Olivia and Evie were only 4 months old, we also took a road trip 12 hours away to Gulf Shores. Traveling with 3 kids vs. 1 kid was a lot different! Below are some of my road trips with kids tips!

road trip with kids tips

Buy a Portable DVD Player

We bought a portable DVD player four Hayden’s first trip to Walt Disney World and it was one of the best investments we have made. There are so many different kinds and we had one that strapped onto the back of a front seat. Popping in a Disney DVD saved us from many tantrums while on the road. When we bought our minivan, the biggest draw was the built in DVD player!

Visit the Library

We always visit the library a few days before our road trip begins and pick out DVD’s that Hayden has never seen before and also books that he hasn’t read before. Our library lets you check out up to SIXTY books, but we usually stick to about 10-15 books that I put in a reusable bag in the backseat. When Hayden starts to get antsy, I hand him a book and let him look through the book or read it to him from the front seat. This easily provides hours of entertainment! Our girls are both big book fans, so I know we will be hitting the library for plenty of books this summer. Make sure to sign up for your local library’s summer reading program so your little one can earn prizes!

Toddler in Car

Pack Snacks and Drinks

It always happens – you’re a few hours into your trip and your little one is hungry or thirsty. Instead of going through a drive-thru where you’ll obviously have to get an ice cream treat for yourself {no? just me?} or paying $2.99 for a small bottle of milk at a gas station, pack snacks and drinks at home! We love the Playtex SmartCool On-The-Go Bottle Tote, which holds 3 baby bottles or 2 sippy cups for up to 14 hours. Hayden can keep that next to his seat where he can easily grab his cups from it. It also has room for a baggie of apple slices or grapes.

You can also pack a bigger cooler with juice boxes, sandwiches, fruit snacks and more! You’ll save money and you won’t have to lose time while traveling.

Pack a Fun Bag

For Hayden, we always would get a big reusable bag {or backpack} and pack it with the library books we picked up earlier in the week and also small toys and activities from Target’s One Spot or the Dollar Store. This way, whenever he started getting antsy, we pulled out new to him books and toys and they kept him happy and occupied.

Be Comfy

Whenever we are headed on a road trip, I always wear my yoga pants, a tee and a cardigan so I can be comfortable and I’m in layers. The same goes for kids! I never have my kids wear jeans on trips – comfy pants and tees all the way! Slip on shoes are easier in case they want to take their shoes off in the car but easily slip them back on for bathroom breaks.

Just in Case Bag

I always make sure to pack a “just in case” bag. It’s filled with grocery bags for trash, a small first aid kit, baby wipes and cleaning wipes and an extra change of clothing just in case we need them!

I’d love to hear YOUR tips on how you make road trips easier with kids! Are you planning any trips this Summer?


Disclosure: I am a member of the 2014 Playtex Mom Trust Panel. I have been compensated for my time but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Become a Toxin Freedom Fighter with Seventh Generation #FightToxins #MC




I participated in a campaign on behalf of Millennial Central for Seventh Generation. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating

Before I became pregnant with my son over 6 years ago, I never thought about toxins or what kind of chemicals were in my household. One day when I was about 7 months pregnant, I was at work and had to clean up something. I grabbed the cleaning solution and a towel and started cleaning. After a few minutes, there was an overwhelming smell that I couldn’t even stomach anymore. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with being sensitive while pregnant, but it hit me then – I had to be more careful about what I brought into my house and what my children were exposed to.


My kids mean the world to me – they ARE my world. That’s why I became a Toxin Freedom Fighter by signing Seventh Generation’s petition to urge Congress to reevaluate the Toxic Substances Control Act for the first time since 1976.

Did You Know?

More than 80,000 chemicals available in the United States have never been fully tested for their toxic effects on our health and environment. Scientists have linked exposure to toxic chemicals to many health risks, such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects, and various reproductive problems. That is so hard to sink in for me. I can’t believe that in our country we allow that many toxins to be around our children – even ourselves!


Over 38 years ago, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed and unlike other major environmental laws, has never been updated. As it currently stands, tens of thousands of potentially harmful chemicals continue to be used in the marketplace since the 1970’s without proper testing and without disclosure by the companies that produce them.

I’m just imagining if there were stricter laws on what was in our everyday household products, we all might be a little bit more healthier!

What YOU Can Do

You can become a Toxin Freedom Fighter by signing Seventh Generation’s petition to urge Congress to reevaluate the Toxic Substances Control Act for the first time since 1976. Seventh Generation has a goal of collecting 100,000 Signatures by April 24th! As of this post, they are SO close – only about 4,000 signatures away!

For your family and mine, please sign the petition and share with your friends and family so we can make sure we live in a safer environment. Click on the button below to sign the petition.

About Seventh Generation

TFF_100 percent dish2

Thank you to Seventh Generation for raising awareness! We have long been a fan of their products. In fact, back in 2010 when I first started Sippy Cup Mom is when I used them for the first time. I love that they provide safe and healthy products for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people!

For 25 years, Seventh Generation has worked towards creating a healthy home by delivering plant derived products using bio-based ingredients.

Will you become a Toxin Freedom Fighter? 

Baseball Apps for Windows 8 #WindowsChampions



Take me out to the ballgame…or just let me sit at my Windows 8 PC to keep up with all of the latest games! Baseball season is finally here {yay!} and thanks to Windows 8, there’s plenty of ways to keep up with all of the games or just get into the spirit of baseball.

5 Baseball Apps for Windows 8


Baseball Pro+

Baseball Pro Windows App

Baseball Pro+ might easily be my favorite baseball app for Windows. It’s one place to go to see live scores, standings, the latest MLB news, schedule and even live talk with other fans!

Download Baseball Pro+ for Windows.


ESPN Sportscenter

ESPN Windows app

This app is perfect for fans of all sports. It’s THE Windows app to get updated on all of your favorite sports teams in one place. You’ll be able to find team scores, read the latest headlines and check out all of the latest tweets from ESPN.

Download ESPN Sportscenter for Windows



MLB.TV Windows App

The MLB.TV app is great if you have a premium subscription, which we do. You’ll get access to live video and game archives, radio broadcast, game summaries, social media commentary through their Twitter widget and so much more!

Download MLB.TV for Windows

Play Ball

Play Ball App for Windows 8

Play Ball is a fun game where you are able to create a team from scratch – you’re the GM and coach! Play practice games, analyze your opponents stats and then put your team up against challengers online!

Download Play Ball for Windows


Fantasy Baseball Latest

fantasy baseball latest

Do you have a fantasy baseball team? I have to admit, there’s a few years that I have thought about participating. If you do, you’ll love Fantasy Baseball Latest, a Windows 8 app that is powered by ESPN. It gives you all the latest baseball headlines so you can be all strategic like with your team!

Download Fantasy Baseball Latest for Windows


Have you been counting down the days until baseball season? What’s your favorite way to keep updated on your team?

Disclosure: I am part of the Windows Champions Program and receive incentives from Microsoft to blog about its products.

Spring Shoes at Ross Dress For Less : Snap a Shoe Selfie and Win Big!



Spring is finally here which means that I’m ready to go shopping – especially shoe shopping! If you’re looking to pick up some new shoes for Spring, head into your local Ross Dress for Less, where they have an amazing shoe sale going on!

shoe-week-at-ross I love that you can pick up several pairs of shoes from Ross Dress for Less for the price of one pair at department stores – but you’re getting department store shoes! Here’s just a few of the spring shoes that I loved in-store.

Ross Sandals

Ross Sandals 2

As for the shoes that I got? I decided on this great pair of slip-on shoes that are perfect for Spring. I absolutely love the detail of the stitching on the outside of the shoe and then the fun flower print on the inside. Best of all, they were only $14.99 and super comfortable!

Ross Spring Shoes


Snap a Shoe Selfie and Win Big!

Through April 18th, Ross Dress for Less is hosting a Show off Your Shoes contest over on the Ross Dress for Less Facebook page.

· Snap and upload your best Ross shoe selfie, then share with your friends and encourage them to vote for you.

· At the end of the promotion, the top three shoe selfies with the most votes will receive the grand prize, second prize and third prize of a $500, $300 and $100 Ross Dress for Less gift card!

· Additionally, each week we will select one winner at random to win a $50 Ross gift card.

WOOT! Can you imagine how many shoes you could buy from Ros if you won those gift cards?! Make sure to head over to the Ross Dress for Less Facebook page to upload your shoe selfie – make sure to leave me a link so I can see and vote for you!


Disclosure: I received a gift card from Ross Dress for Less but all thoughts and opinions are my own.