daniel tiger costume

DIY Daniel Tiger Costume

daniel tiger costume



My kids absolutely love Daniel Tiger and really, what kid doesn’t? I have such fond memories of watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood growing up and while no one can bring back Mister Rogers, you can introduce your child to the world of Daniel Tiger!


When I connected with Brenda of Davis Specialty Sewing on Facebook and saw her Daniel Tiger Inspired Costume for her son, I knew I had to share here for everyone to see! She’s got a great tutorial below so you can make your very own Daniel Tiger Costume for Halloween!

daniel tiger costume

This costume is a size 4T and is an alteration to the brilliant SuperCool Hoodie pattern by A Sparkly Baby. Currently, there is a tutorial for the tiger hood put together by Jennifer Barasso, owner of Stitch Upon a Time but it is only being offered if you bought the hoodie pattern and are a member of the Facebook group A Sparkly Baby Patterns. I suggest joining the group. It’s fabulous!
So….onto the construction process. The red hoodie was made using sweatshirt fleece and lightweight knit for the lining of the hood. I used two different types of fur for the hood and stripes. The tiger hood is lined with fleece. Then you just need coordinating thread, a drawstring, and separating zipper. I would suggest using at least a 14in zipper for the 4T size, My zipper was only 12in and was too short so I had to make do by bring the collar down farther. 
All the materials I used for the costume  were purchased at JoAnns, Here are the links and amount needed (for a 4T):

 daniel tiger supplies

Red Hoodie – 1/2 yard of main body and ¾ yard of coordinating (sleeves, waistband, cuffs, hood)


Tiger Hoodie – 1/2 yard of beige fur, about  1/4 yard of brown fur, and about 1/2 yard of lining fabric for the hood


Pants – ½ yard of beige fur, about ¼ yard of brown fur, and about a fat quarter of red and white knit for the shoe covers.

To make the pants I just took a pair of my son’s pants, turned them inside out, and folded them in half. Then, I placed them on the fold of the fabric and traced around them leaving room for a seam allowance, hemming, and elastic casing. There is a great tutorial on how to make a quick pair of pants over at Simple Simon and Company. Basically, I followed that tutorial and added stripes, shoe coverings, and a tail into the back seam. Make sure to add your tail as you are sewing up the back seam of the pants.

The shoe coverings were came about by tracing a semi-circle onto red knit (I used upcycled T-shirts!) and sewing them onto the bottom of the pant legs. Then, cut another, smaller, semi-circle of white knit (again, t-shirts!) and sew it onto the top of the red. Then, sew a piece of elastic to the bottom of the shoe covering so it will stay in place when your little munchkin is running around.

daniel tiger pants

daniel tiger tail

The tail was done by following the tutorial from The Road to Crazy Blog and altered by using left over beige fur and brown fur stripes. I wanted wire in mt tail so it didn’t hang loose but the only thing I had was floral wire. Although, I used the entire pack of floral wire it was just not strong enough to hold the weight of the fur and stuffing. I should have used a wire coat hanger now that I think about it.

daniel tiger hoodie

And that’s it! Now, you have a really cute Daniel Tiger inspired costume. My son likes to wear the hoodie everywhere we go and leave the pants for Halloween.

Thanks Brenda for this awesome tutorial on a Daniel Tiger Costume! Check out her Facebook page at Davis Specialty Sewing


Disney Trip Countdown Ideas




Even before my husband and I had kids, we loved visiting Walt Disney World. We also loved creating Countdown Calendars. Yes, even before smartphones and apps were introduced, we would have a calendar on our fridge or on our computer just counting down the days until we were back at the Happiest Place on Earth. Once we got our smartphones and before Hayden came along, we then had an app that counted down the days for us.


When we had our son, I got to get creative with him as we counted down the days until our trip. I would love to someday surprise him with a trip to Disney World but I also love planning it and sharing in the excitement with him as it approaches.

With toddlers, it’s so hard to tell them how far away something is – they don’t really understand 2 months, 3 weeks, 8 wakeups. So when my son was three years old and we were headed to Disney World, we decided to make a paper chain to help him understand the concept of how far away our trip was. You won’t need much for this Countdown Calendar! All we used was construction paper, glue sticks and crayons. On each chain I wrote down how many days were left.

Disney Countdown Chain

He loved pulling off part of the chin each morning and it helped him with the concept that the smaller the chain got, the closer the trip was! If you’re looking to make a Disney Countdown Chain, you must check out the template that Grey Luster Girl has – the chain has Mickey ears!

The next year, I decided to get the fun paint samples at Home Depot and create a bright and colorful countdown calendar for our fridge. This was a lot of fun to make with Hayden and I liked seeing it in our kitchen.

WDW Countdown Fridge

This year, we bought this wooden Walt Disney World Countdown Sign from an Etsy shop. We have a lot of Disney stuff going on in our basement and we are always planning a trip, so we thought this would be a great addition.

WDW Countdown

When we got a little bit closer, I decided to try my hand at making some Mickey Ears with my new Cricut Explore. I made 20 Mickey Heads so Hayden could start pulling them off when we were 20 days out.

WDW Countdown with Cricut Mickey

With ribbon, glue dots and the Mickey Heads from the Cricut, this was a really simple and fun Walt Disney World Countdown to put together! Hayden has loved taking a Mickey Head off each day.

Hayden and Disney Countdown

There are so many fun and unique Disney countdowns out there! Check out some of my favorites!

Disney Countdown Ideas

- Fiddle Dee Me: Clothespin Countdown

- Mom and More: Disney Countdown Chain

- The Suburban Mom: Disney Cruise Countdown

- The Suburban Mom: Disneyland Countdown

- Just Is a Four Letter Word: Countdown to Disney Monorail Craft

- All for the Memories: Printable Disneyland Countdown

- Disney in the Desert: Picture Frame Countdown

- My Crazy Good Life: Countdown Poster

How do you count down the days until your next Disney trip?

Skylanders Trap Team Countdown Chain

Skylanders Trap Team Countdown Chain

Skylanders Trap Team Countdown Chain



For the past few months, all my son has been talking about is Skylanders Trap Team. He’s been watching videos and loves looking at pictures of the new chracters. When I showed him that the Skylanders Facebook page showed there were only 15 days left, he immediately would wake up each morning to tell me how many days were left until the release of Skylanders Trap Team!

Skylanders Trap Team Countdown Chain



I meant to make a countdown chain for him when we were only 10 days out to the release but well, life got in the way. We are now 9 days out, so I made a countdown chain that you can start on Saturday, September 27th {or even a few days before you plan to buy it for your child – it doesn’t have to be the release day on October 5th!}.

Skylander Trap Team Countdown

Simply click on the pictures below to open up the picture, print and make a chain yourself to countdown the days until the release of Skylanders Trap Team!

Skylander Countdown Chain 1


Skylander Countdown Chain 2


Skylander Countdown Chain 3

Connect with Skylanders




Are you counting down the days until Skylanders Trap Team?

Moon Sand 1

Homemade Moon Sand Recipe!

Moon Sand 1

Moon Sand 1


Do your kids love moon sand? My kids definitely do! In addition to being good for sensory and tactile development, it is just good fun! For everyone who might not have come across it yet, it’s sand that is moldable. You can squish it into shapes using your hands or toys-kind of like perfect beach sand!

A few days ago one of my mom friends let me in on a little secret. You can make moon sand at home with just two cheap ingredients! It’s much less expensive than store-bought moon sand, it’s completely safe (it’s edible) and it’s really soft! We even put a few drops of essential oil in ours which made it smell so good.

Here is what we used:

  • 6 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • A few drops essential oil (optional)

Moon Sand 2

Just blend together adding the vegetable oil a little at a time, stopping when you like the consistency. We used the full cup.

Moon Sand 3

Moon Sand 4

Mix and add a few drops of essential oils if you would like. You should be ready to go!

Moon Sand 5

Moon Sand 6


The kids had a lot of fun with our kitchen toys. The play “sand” was great for making ice cream. Next time I think we will get the dump trucks out and make an excavation site!

Moon Sand 8

Moon Sand 7

Moon sand 9

Why is sensory play so important? Kids are drawn towards sensory experiences. That is the way they learn about their environment. Babies and toddlers constantly put things in their mouths-I know mine did! This stimulates senses and allows them to be able to identify objects in the future, differentiating between different attributes-temperature, texture, color, taste and more. Playing with things like moon sand, play doh, water, etc. also allows them to build fine motor skills too!

What other “sensory” activities do you like to do with your kids?

Teacher's DIY Create Caddy

DIY Teacher’s Create Caddy

Teacher's DIY Create Caddy



This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Office Depot, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #inspirestudents http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV.

Hayden just started the 1st grade a few weeks ago and I can hardly believe it! So far, so good and he loves his classroom and his teacher. Since I know that teachers are always looking for items to add to their classrooms, I thought that Hayden and I would make a fun gift for his teacher to store some of her supplies – and get her some new supplies too, of course!

We headed to Office Max, which I must imagine is a teacher’s wonderland. There was so much that I wanted to get for myself, but I headed to the pen aisle to stock up on items like PaperMate, Sharpie and Uni-Ball products. These would be great for the fun craft that I had in mind. I also couldn’t resist picking up some Mr. Sketch markers – I loved these when I was a kid!

Office Max Supplies

I’ve mentioned before here on Sippy Cup Mom, that I like easy crafts and I promise this is an easy one! All of my supplies for this were picked up from Office Depot and my local craft store.

Teacher’s Create Caddy

Teacher's DIY Create Caddy

Supplies include:

– wooden crate

– chalkboard spray paint

– 4 mason jars

– chalk

– embellishments and/or ribbon {optional}

– supplies like Sharpies, PaperMate pens and Mr. Sketch markers

Teacher's Create Caddy Supplies

How to create:

Using chalkboard spray paint is super easy – EXCEPT that you have to make sure that it’s not too hot outside and that the humidity is under 85% or it won’t stick very well. Since the temperature around here has been over 100 degrees, I waited until about 9pm to go outside and spray the crate. It takes about 5 minutes and it dries in 15 minutes – or you can leave it to dry over night.

Once dry, simply place the mason jars inside the crate and fill with fun and necessary supplies like Mr. Sketch markers, PaperMate pens and Sharpie markers! Then, use chalk to write whatever you want on the crate! I wrote create since I love the idea of having a Create caddy. I’m already making one of these for my desk too.

Teacher's Create Caddy DIY

Markers from Above

Writing Utensils Teacher's Crate

I absolutely can’t wait for Hayden to bring this to his new teacher. I think she will love having these fabulous supplies in one place, right at her fingertips. All of it is such great quality too – just what teachers need!

If you’re looking to get organized at home or wanting to buy some supplies for your child’s teacher, head to Office Max or Office Depot where right now you can save $5 off your purchase of $20 or more on Select Newell Rubbermaid Brands which includes PaperMate, Expo Neon Window Markers, Sharpie, Uni-Ball, & Mr. Sketch.

Through August 30th, you’ll also be ale to score these deals – Select PaperMate Flair 4pk’s:  $4, Sharpie 12CT Asst Fine & Ultra Fine Asst: $6, Sharpie Dozen Box Black Fine & Ultra Fine: $6.

Plus, save even more by signing up for the Office Depot Rewards program!

Height Chart 6.jpg.jpg

DIY Height Chart: They are Growing Like Weeds, Make Sure You Save Those Memories!

Height Chart 6.jpg.jpg



My brother and I lived in the same house for the first ten or so years of our lives. My dad had a door frame that he would mark our growth on our birthdays and sometimes after summers where we would hit one of those painful growth spurts. I can still feel my knees ache!

I remember trying to stand so tall to outdo my brother! Side note: we still do this. My brother is 5′ 11″ and I’m 5″10… but I’ve got the benefits of generally higher heels and hair that usually gives a bit of height. So the battle goes on.

Back to childhood and our door frame that held so much sentimental info-

We moved. And dad had to transfer all of our measurements onto a piece of paper kind of like a calculator tape. Then we moved again and again. He kept it rolled up carefully in his sock drawer. Knowing my life, I wanted to make sure that I had something a little bit more sturdy (especially given my track record of losing important pieces of paper) to keep track of my growing kidlets.

Height Chart 6.jpg.jpg

I decided to to use a thicker length of wood- a 1″ x 6″ x 6′ piece of mdf. We started 6″ from the floor and measured up from the floor to make sure the the measurements would remain correct. Also, this gives us a few inches above 6′ mark, just in case we end up with some basketballers on our little team!

I did experiment a bit in the process of creating this chart. After spraying the board with an off-white spray paint, I used permanent markers to do the inch marks and then sprayed it with a clear coat. DON’T DO THIS! Whatever combination I used ended up making the black lines run. Which was terrible after working so hard to make them exact.

So I started again. A new piece of wood and I sprayed it again with the off white. Using my well-worn sewing tape (well worn by my mom-not myself) I added my inch marks.

Height Chart 1.jpg

Now, here’s a secret that I learned from MUCH research on pinterest. Black nail polish! It’s not perfect-you can get little strips of black vinyl tape if you would like that-but I didn’t want to chance them coming off. So nail polish it was for my chart:

Height Chart 2.jpg

On my other board I did a lot of ornate painting, with multicolors and filled it with flowers and different finishes of paint. But after adding the heights that I have been keeping track of in a book, it was WAY too much. I needed to keep it a bit more conservative. So, I actually went with grey 6″ numbers and hit them with a light grit sandpaper.

height chart 10.jpg

The  paint was a light dove grey and a darker gunmetal grey around the edges of the numbers to add some dimension.

height chart 11.jpg

Then I pre-drilled holes on the top and bottom of the board for hanging.

Height Chart 4.jpg


And then we hung it on a stud in our bedroom. This chart will soon be full of names and dates. I can’t wait. Seeing my babies grow has been one of the most incredible experiences. Sometimes you don’t even notice until their socks are showing under their pants! I’m so happy to finally get this done. Tomorrow I will start adding all of the measurements we have written down over the years!

Height Chart 7.jpg


Do you have a height chart for your kids? Do you just measure on their birthdays or at random times during the years? Tell me what I can do to give my chart a tiny bit of “umpf” but not too much to make it cluttered when I finally get all three kids’ measurements up? Any ideas?




felted balls 2

DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls: Good for Your Family & the Environment!

felted balls 2

Felted Wool Dryer Balls Main pic 2

So… dryer balls. Have you heard of these things? You use them in place of dryer sheets. I wasn’t so sure about this idea, so I did a little reading. Here are a few reasons why making a switch might be a good thing for your family:

Sure they smell amazing, but there are so many chemicals in traditional dryer sheets! A lot of the chemicals can affect our central nervous system. Scary stuff. Here is a list of the seven most common chemicals that can be found in dryer sheets. If you’re brave enough to read it, that is!

There has been this really great push encouraging us to use more recyclable materials, bring our own bags to the grocery store and to opt out of as much junk mail as we can. (Now if I could get them to stop sending me bills of any kind! :) )

Which brings me back to dryer balls. How do they compare?

I have only used mine for about two weeks now-and honestly there are some good parts and some drawbacks. First off, I love knowing that I’m not drying my kids off with towels that have been tumbled in chemicals. However, the wool balls will obviously not have that Spring-fresh scent. I read a few tutorials that said to add a few drops of essential oil, which I did. But I was too chicken to put them in with regular clothes because I didn’t want to risk oil marks. Our towels smelled awesome. I used an all natural lavender-a very calming scent.

I found that tumbling with dryer balls, no matter what load it was, seemed to make the clothes less wrinkly and much more soft. I’m definitely willing to trade silky feeling of dryer sheets for this just plain softness factor.

Some of the dryer ball articles said that they wouldn’t reduce absorbency of towels the way dryer sheets can do. And you can use them with cloth diapers. They also said that it decreased drying time which would mean saving on utility bills.

I do know that dryer sheets, especially the sensitive kind that I used to buy, were spendy. My three larger dryer balls cost a bit less than $6 to make.

Wool is a renewable resource and doesn’t add to the landfill.

So, if you want to give them a try you can either purchase them, or make them rather easily as I did.

DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls

Here is what you need:

  • 100% Wool Yarn -Make sure you try to find something that is not washable-which would prevent the felting process. I found a skein that called for hand-washing. I did have to run mine through the washer & dryer a few times to get them to felt nicely.
  • Scissors
  • A pair of old pantyhose. I’m not much for pantyhose, but I found one of those mid-calf pantyhose-like socks
  • Essential Oil (optional)

felted wool balls 1

 Pretty self explanatory! Start with a little knot and just keep rolling. Mine ended up about 4″ across. When you get to where you want to stop, just tie it off using one of the other strings of yard already across the ball.

felted dryer balls

felted balls 2

Slip them into your pantyhose and tie off between each ball with left over yarn tidbits.

felted balls 3

Wash in warm/hot water, and dry on high (right in with your clothes is just fine! Like I said, I repeated this a few times until I was satisfied with the amount of felting. And when I started using them as dryer balls, they turned darker in color and the felting increased dramatically. I’m pretty happy with the results!

Felted Wool Dryer Balls Main Pic

Have you tried dryer balls? How did you think they measured up?


Click to Print!

Thank You for Helping Me Grow Printable + 15 Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Click to Print!



Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5th through the 9th and there are so many great ideas out there to help celebrate some of the most important people in your child’s life! My husband has two teachers that he sees at his school so I wanted to make sure they got something special. Since Spring is finally here, I’ve been loving seeing all the gorgeous flowers so I thought we would brighten their day with some too!

Thank You For Helping Me Grow Printable and Flowers

I was inspired by Pinterest of course, where you will find tons of great ideas for flowers and plants for teachers. I love the idea of painting a planter with chalkboard paint, but I was in a bit of a time crunch so I decided to grab some planters from Michael’s – only $3.99 each! – and some flowers from our local garden shop.

I made my own printable since I wanted it to look like a chalkboard tag. Making the plant stake is super easy! Just print the Thank You For Helping Me Grow printable directly onto cardstock, cut and then glue onto a wooden stake {also bought from Michael’s!}. Then, just stick in the dirt and you’ve got a perfect gift to thank your child’s teacher who helped them grow this school year!

Thank You Teacher Flowers

Click to Print!

Click to Print!

I’ve also got some more ideas for you too! These are some great and easy ideas for you to put together this week to let your child’s teacher know that you appreciate them!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Crayon Picture Frame

Target Tumbler

Personalized Vinyl Tumblers

Mason Jar Vase

Crayon Vase

Coffee Gift

Summer Goodies Cup

Apple Wreath

Easy Teacher Appreciation Printables

Mason Jar Gifts

Fingerprint Tree

Teacher Supply Holder and Magnets

Keep Calm and Teach On Classroom Decor

One in a Melon Printable

Teacher Corsage

Lucky Charms Teacher Gift

DIY Sugar Scrub


Thank you to all the teachers out there! What are some of your ideas for a Teacher Appreciation gift?

Rainbow Cake in a Jar Pinterest Fail

Pinterest Fail: Rainbow Cake in a Mason Jar + Free Printable!

Rainbow Cake in a Jar Pinterest Fail



With St. Patrick’s Day coming up,I wanted to do something fun in the kitchen. When browsing Pinterest, I kept coming across these super cute Rainbow in a Jar recipes. I thought it would be so fun to make and how hard could it be? I even decided to make some printables for Hayden’s teachers that he could attach to the jars.

So I gathered up all the ingredients and supplies to make the Rainbow in a Jar. I followed the directions on a recipe I found on Pinterest. Now, this is where it all went wrong. I started this project while the girls were sleeping and about an hour before I would have to pick Hayden up from school. I wanted to pour the colored cake batter into icing bags so I could evenly layer the colors in the jar, but it was going to take me too long so I decided to spoon it in the jar – which got really messy.

Rainbow Cake Batter


Rainbow Cake in a Jar

This was definitely very pretty! So my other mistake was eyeballing it to fill it 3/4 full as directions stated. Since I was a little careless, the following happened.

Rainbow Cake Oven

Yup, overflow! It looks like a science experiment gone wrong. Once it was completely done baking though, I figured I would pull it out and I could salvage it somehow. So I had it baking for 45 minutes as directed. I should have been checking on it in those last few minutes, but I was getting ready to leave so I was distracted. When I went to pull it out of the oven after the timer went off, it was burnt in some parts. Another fail!

Well, maybe I could STILL salvage it. So, I let it cool, took some of the top off and added frosting. Then I went to print the cute printables I made. Yup, you guessed it. The way my day was going, my printer ran out of ink so the tag looked terrible for the picture.

Finished product?

Rainbow Cake in a Jar Pinterest Fail

So, I don’t want to even give you the recipes I followed, but I’ll give you a few tips so your Rainbow in a Jar doesn’t turn out like mine.

– Use GEL food coloring, not drops. This will give you a more vibrant cake batter. #WIN!

– It may say bake for 45 minutes. Set your timer for 35 minutes and take a look at it. Then hover outside the oven and keep peeking in through the glass.

– You may think the jar is not full enough. It is. Don’t add any more cake batter. That stuff will rise fast.

– I give up on my frosting. Why is it bubbly?!

– Make sure your printer has ink!!!


So yup, total Pinterest Fail. But if you happen to like the printable and are planning on making something cute for your child’s teachers, check it out below! Just click to print!

I'm So Lucky You're My Teacher Printables

Reindeer Feet

DIY Reindeer Footprint {Great Craft for Little Ones!}

Reindeer Feet



It’s that time of year again- the time for finding ways to capture every detail of our sweet littles and give unique, creative gifts without going crazy in the process. Fear not, fellow mommies, for today we are going to create a simple gift that you and your loved ones can cherish through the years. Behold, the reindeer footprint!

Reindeer Feet

This is the version I made to keep in my house and get all nostalgic over every year. Isaac and I also made gift versions for his grandmothers:

Reindeer Feet Gift

…and when my 6 year old niece came to visit at Thanksgiving, she helped me make one to give to her mom (call it the super-simplified and VERY festive version)-

6 Year Old Reindeer Feet

(big kid instructions will be marked with **)

Things you’ll need:

-a pencil

-a thing for decorating (I used a sheet of canvas from the pad pictured below; you can use any kind of canvas you like, or even construction paper!)

-brown acrylic paint

-a flat paintbrush for the feet

-red acrylic or Tulip paint or a red marker**

-a black permanent marker**, black acrylic paint, or black Tulip paint

-small round paintbrush for the dots and words (if you’re using acrylic paint instead of Tulip)

-template for your font, which you can find here (I used “Coventry Garden”): http://www.twotwentyone.net/2013/11/free-christmas-fonts/

-a stack of warm wet rags/paper towels and a plastic bag for easy cleanup


If this is the kind of project you enjoy doing regularly, I highly recommend picking up an Acrylic Pad like the one in the pic. Michaels has them for cheap (especially if you have a coupon!) and you can cut the sheet to whatever size you need- which is what we did for the grandmas’ gifts.



-Gather your supplies

You’ll want your warm rags, plastic bag, paintbrush, and brown paint within reach.

-Strap that baby down (or have the big kid sit somewhere clear of debris)

My favorite place to do footprints of my extremely active 10 month old is his high chair. I can give him something to occupy his hands while I get to crafting.

**If you have an older child, set a chair in the middle of the room so if they get wiggly you won’t end up with any paint casualties. This is also why we use acrylic paint- it’s water based so it comes out of just about anything with a little warm water and soap.

-Paint the bottom of kiddo’s foot and DON’T LET GO

If you’re feeling especially jolly, you can use this as an interactive sensory learning experience with your little. Mine thought it was tickly so we turned it into a game the first time. The second time, not so much.

-Make the footprint

The key here is speed. If you’re using a canvas sheet, you’ll need to tape it to something hard (I just used the actual pad). Place the foot directly above the place you want it, then quickly smoosh it to the canvas and lift straight up. It doesn’t matter if you’re missing a toe or if it slides a little (I promise my kid doesn’t have one giant foot and one tiny one). If you really truly hate it, you can wipe the paint off the canvas and try again later.

**With a big kid the process is basically the same- give them as much control as you’re comfortable with but do not have them stand on the canvas as they will slide all over and make an enormous mess/terrible print/tears because it got messed up.

-Wipe off your kiddo

Get as much paint off the foot as you can and put your rags right into the bag. Acrylic paint is safe on baby’s skin so don’t stress out if there are a few spots that have to wait til bath time. If you use cloth instead of paper towels you can just throw them in the washer.

-Let dry

Acrylic paint dries fairly quickly but you definitely want to make sure you aren’t smudging brown everywhere when you do the cutesy part so give it a few hours to be safe.



– You can use any font/lettering you like- I chose Coventry Garden from the link above because a) it looks very Christmassy and b) is super duper easy to copy! If you find the handwriting part to be daunting, you can use construction paper for your craft and put it through the printer with your message.

-Write it with pencil first, then trace over with your marker/brush/Tulip paint. I used Tulip fabric paint because it’s easy to do letters (it has a small tip) and it looks really spiffy with the puffiness and shininess. I also find it’s easier to use the tube of paint rather than a brush.

For the antlers, just do a “Y” and add little lines off it. I liked my eyes down low for a squishy little face but you can put them anywhere you like!

**Let your biggie trace over the penciled words with a marker- or if they’re not quite old enough, you can hold the marker in their hand and trace together.

Keep in mind that Tulip paint takes around 4 hours to fully dry and doesn’t come out of anything, ever, so you’ll want to put this in a safe place (overnight if possible).



I used a paintbrush and acrylic paint because I was out of red Tulip paint. The dot clusters are something my mom always did when I was a kid so I wanted to use them for hers and really liked the way they looked- you could do big polka dots, swirls, etc. in any color you like.

If you’re circle challenged, grab anything that’s the size of the nose you want and trace around it with your pencil (measuring spoons can be great for this!), then fill in with red.

**My niece is an aspiring artist so she really enjoyed using a brush with a small cup of red acrylic paint (and an apron and several rags standing by). If you have a smaller kiddo you can still let them be creative- tape a piece of paper over the footprint area with plain scotch tape and give the biggie a washable marker (after you’ve covered the table).

Let that part dry and you have yourself a one of a kind inexpensive masterpiece to give to family and friends! The canvas sheets go a really long way with this kind of thing- I cut one in half to use for the grandmas’ since I only did one footprint, and used a whole sheet for the double prints and big kiddo. It also looks really pretty in a $4 Walmart frame!

Reindeer Foot Framed

 (santa pig not included)

Merry Christmas and a Crafty New Year!

 Breanna is mom to 10-month old Isaac. She and her husband Mike have lived in Florida all 5 years they’ve been married because they are wussies about cold weather.

Crayola Products

Holiday Crafts with Crayola: Handprint Ornaments {Crayola Prize Pack Giveaway!}

Crayola Products



This time of year is the perfect time to sit down and get crafty with your kids! I’ve actually been doing a lot of cooking and baking the past few days and my 5 year old son loves to be in the kitchen with me helping. This weekend, I got out a ton of fun supplies that Crayola sent us so he could create something on his own while I was busy baking. We browsed online to get a bit of inspiration. Then, we decided that he would make a handprint ornament using the supplies that Crayola sent.

Crayola Products

We have made handprint ornaments before, but it’s always required some mixing and baking and painting….with Model Magic from Crayola, it’s so easy! After looking at some pictures, Hayden wanted to completely make this craft on his own so I let him have at it!

All you have to do is flatten the Model Magic, either with your hand or a rolling pin. I absolutely love the consistency of Model Magic and couldn’t resist playing with it myself. It’s lightweight and won’t crumble at all but you can pretty much make it into any shape you want! I actually immediately put this on my son’s Christmas list!

Making Model Magic Ornaments

After Hayden made a handprint into the Model Magic, he got to decorating! He used a combination of Crayola markers and Glitter Glue, but you can also use paint on it too.

Decorating Ornaments

Once he decided he was done decorating, I had him write what year it was so we would always remember how big his hand was in 2013! I helped him insert a pipe cleaner into the top and then we let it dry for about 24 hours so it could really set in.

Once it was ready, it took a place of honor on our tree! Hayden was so proud of this ornament that he made himself and was so excited to hang it up.

Crayola Ornament

Hayden also made a Monster ornament with the Model Magic and he wanted to make sure that I snapped a picture of that to share too.

Crayola Monster Ornament

Hayden had such a fun time making these ornaments with our Crayola supplies. It’s definitely going to be a Crayola Holiday for us this year as he continues to make fun new projects! You can check out the Crayola Holiday Crafts Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

Win It!

One reader will win a Crayola Holiday Crafting Essentials Prize Pack which includes:

-  Crayola Washable Markers

-  Crayola Colored Pencils

-  Crayola Glitter Glue

-  Crayola Model Magic

-  Crayola Slick Sticks

- $25 Gift Card for your crafting needs

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DIY Photo Snow Globe

DIY Photo Snow Globe with Photo by Walgreens

DIY Photo Snow Globe



Walgreens is my go-to store. It’s the store that I head to in the middle of the night when I need medicine or a prescription for my sick kid.  It’s the place I go when I need a last minute gift, the hairspray I ran out of or if I need to print some photos to give to friends and family. It’s also my go-to store for creating photo projects.

I’ll never forget when my twins were born and my husband wanted to print some photos to keep up at the hospital and to share with others. He downloaded the Walgreens app and they were ready at the Walgreens down the street in less than an hour. I loved that he was so eager to have real pictures of our girls in hand and I love that Walgreens was able to provide that for him.

I’m a huge fan of making homemade gifts for the Holidays. I love having my son help me as we make gifts for the grandparents or Dad. I always think it just means a little bit more. Since my son was born 5 years ago, we always make sure to incorporate photos into our gifts. His grandparents love receiving pictures of him whether it’s in a photo calendar or an ornament. When I spotted a few different pieces of inspiration on Pinterest for a DIY Photo Snow Globe, I knew this would be the perfect gift for the grandparents – and also my mantle!

Walgreens Photos

DIY Photo Snow Globe

DIY Photo Snow Globe


–          Empty Jars

–          Glitter

–          Liquid Glycerin {or Baby Oil}

–          4×6 prints from Walgreens

–          Packaging Tape or Laminator

–          Embellishments for decoration

–          Ribbon

–          Super Glue {or hot glue gun if you already have one at home}


–          If using a food jar, empty and soak it in hot water to get the label off.

–          If you have a laminator, laminate the photo that you are going to put into the jar. If you have clear packaging tape, you can use that also to tape over the photo.

–          Use scissors to cut out the photo you are going to use.

–          Use super glue or a hot glue gun to glue your 4×6 print from Walgreens on the inside of the jar’s lid.

–          Put a few drops of liquid glycerin into jar.

–          Sprinkle some glitter into jar.

–          Fill jar almost to the top with water and then slowly lower picture into jar and attach lid.

–          {Optional} Use a hot glue gun or super glue to glue ribbon around the lid for decoration. Add embellishments if you want!

–          Flip over, shake to see the “snow” and enjoy!

DIY Photo Snow Globe from Walgreens


For our first DIY Photo Snow Globe, I decided to make it Holiday themed and featured this adorable picture of my son as a Gingerbread Man. It turned out so well, we decided to make another Photo Snow Globe that featured one of our family’s favorite sights – Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World! We included glitter shaped like stars and my son proclaimed this to be a “When You Wish Upon a Star” Snow Globe.

When You Wish Upon a Star Snow Globe

My 5 year old son and I had such a fun time making our DIY Photo Snow Globe. He’s always been fascinated by snow globes so he loved having the experience to make his very own and was tickled to see his picture featured in it. The hard part is deciding who gets the Snow Globe – it might just stay in our home! The best part was discovering that we can create them for any occasion! We are already looking at old pictures to have printed at Walgreens for different themed Photo Snow Globes!

The next time you’re in Walgreens, check out the Photo Center. You never know when inspiration might hit for a new craft project!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walgreens and Mom Spark Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Cornucopia for Kids

Cornucopia for Kids Craft and Snack

Cornucopia for Kids



I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! We have been making sure that we are saying what we are thankful for each night at dinner but then next two weeks we will be busy getting ready for a Thanksgiving Feast at my son’s school and some fun activities at home. I love this post over at De Su Mama, where she talks about The First Thanksgiving and has some recommendations for a great book for kids and some printables.

I’ll also be making a Cornucopia for my son as we sit and learn more about Thanksgiving. A Cornucopia is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers, nuts, other edibles, or wealth in some form. We made these fun Cornucopias that are filled with the perfect snack food for kids!

Cornucopia for Kids


These fast and easy-to-make Thanksgiving Cornucopias were inspired from a few variations on Pinterest. These would be a fun and simple craft to make with the kids!

Cornucopia for Kids


- Sugar Ice Cream Cones

- Chocolate frosting or candy melts

- Autumn-colored sprinkles

- Candy and munchies such as cheerios, pretzel sticks, raisins, nuts, M&M’s, granola, etc.

How to Assemble

- If you are using melting chips, microwave ¼ cup chocolate chips in 15 second increments until smooth and creamy.

- Dip the open ends of the sugar cones into the melted candies (or frosting) making sure that the entire rim is covered.

- Sprinkle autumn-colored sprinkles all over the chocolate covered rim.

- Let the cones “set” for about 5 minutes.

- Add a variety of treats to the inside – I used cheerios, pretzel sticks, peanut M&M’s and autumn jelly beans


What do you do with your kids to talk about the meaning of Thanksgiving? 

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Twin Costume

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween Costumes

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Twin Costume



For months and months, I’ve had the idea that Olivia and Evie should be Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween. I saw so many cute pictures of twins dressed up like Thing 1 and Thing 2 over on Pinterest and knew that I could pull it off!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Twin Costume


I had luckily found both the onesies and the leg warmers for sale on a Multiples Resale page over on Facebook. I knew they would be perfect for the costume! As for the wigs….I had thought of buying wigs but then I found the easiest tutorial over on the blog How Does She!

It seriously was so easy….2 blue feather boas, 2 hats and a glue gun and then I was done! I had two Thing 1 and Thing 2 bows made from Jackie’s Bow-tique and then the costume was done!  We went to a party at my son’s school and entered the girls into a Costume Contest for 5 years old and younger and they won! Hayden was so excited since we gave him the prize!

Now, I’m thinking we might have to do a Dr. Seuss themed first birthday party!

Boo Door Sign

Halloween Tutorial: “BOO” Halloween Door Sign

Boo Door Sign

Let me remind you about myself… My name is Melissa and I can be found at That’s Just Crafty!

That's Just Crafty (2)

I’m going to show you how to make a “BOO” Halloween Door Sign!

Boo Door Sign

It’s very simple to make all you need is:

Boo Door Sign Materials

·3- 8.5×11 black felt squares (can be found already cut at any fabric store, even Walmart)
·3 different coordinating Halloween Fabrics
·1 roll of ribbon
·“B” & “O” paper template (Just made on Microsoft Word)
·Black Thread & a Sewing Machine (not pictured)

Step One


Center the B and O templates onto the center of the black felt.  Cut around the letter.  I used my rotary cutter in some spots. Make sure you save the O to use on twice on two black felt squares.


Step Two

Maing Boo Sign

For the insides of the B, I did not cut out while the big letter was on the felt.  I took the negative space of the B and used the insides of the paper template that I cut out.  For the O’s, I did cut the center with the rest of the letter…they are bigger and easier to cut.

Step Three

Boo Fabric

Next you will want to decide the order of your fabrics.  Cut enough of the fabric to go behind the cutout of your letter.  And go pin happy, pinning the fabric to the back side of the felt letter.


Step Four

Boo Sign Sew it Together

You will then need to sew around the inside edge of each of the letters to secure the fabric in place.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, a hot glue gun may also work.  You will also want to place your center pieces of the B and O’s onto the fabric, secure with pins, and sew in place (sorry, no picture of that).

Step Five

Space Letters Boo Sign


And finally you will want to decide on the spacing between your letters and cut the ribbon out.  You will also need to decide on the length you want the ribbon on the top of the final sign.  Pin all ribbon in place to the back side, connecting the black felt letters together.  Also pin the top ribbon in place.  You will sew the ribbon into place.

And there you have it…a BOO Halloween Door sign!

Boo Halloween Door Sign

This sign could be adapted in many different ways. Change colors, size, fabrics, and sayings for different holidays. It could even be done horizontally instead of vertical in a banner style. Easy, Cute, and Fun! I hope you have fun making your own BOO Halloween Door Sign!

What’s on your door for Halloween?

Kool-Aid Flavors

Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough + $250 Kool-Aid Prize Pack Giveaway

Kool-Aid Flavors



Back to School season is officially in full swing! Hayden has been in Kindergarten for a few weeks now and he’s adjusting to it well. He’s only going half days and one big change we have made in our household is less screen time. Over the summer, I would let Hayden watch some of his favorite shows plus enjoy time on the iPad. It was a big lifesaver as I had just had my twin girls and we were still adjusting! Now that we are in a better routine, we have cut down on screen time and I’m coming up with fun activities for Hayden to do.

I don’t know about you but when I think of Back to School, I can think back on all my Kool-Aid memories! I loved bringing those Kool-Aid Bursts in my lunchbox! I was excited to incorporate Kool-Aid into a fun activity with my son – yummy smelling Kool-Aid Playdough!

Hayden and Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid Flavors

Sure, we could buy Playdough and be done with it, but it was more about the experience for me and Hayden. We had fun picking out the Kool-Aid packets and mixing all of the dough together. He’s loved spending time at the kitchen table playing with his Kool-Aid Playdough. This is also great for younger kids in case you have an adventurous child who wants to take a bite out of it – it’s completely edible!

koolaid playdough

Kool-Aid Playdough


– 1 Cup Flour

– 1/4 Cup Salt

– 1 Packet of Kool-Aid

– 2/3 Cup Water

– 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil


- Boil the water.

– Mix flour, salt and Kool-Aid.

– Add oil to the water.

– Pour some of the water and oil mixture into the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon. Keep adding water and work dough until you like the color and it feels like playdough.

– Have fun!

Homemade Kool-Aid Playdough

I’m excited to offer one lucky reader a HUGE Back-to-School Kool-Aid prize pack that includes a year’s supply of Kool-Aid products, a vintage Kool-Aid t-shirt and a $50 Walmart gift card!

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First Day of School Teachers Crate

Back To School Craft – Teachers Crate for School Supplies

First Day of School Teachers Crate

I can hardly believe that my son will be starting his first day of Kindergarten next week! This is a big year for us since my son will be experiencing his First Day of School and when Michael’s invited me to participate in their First Day of School Blogger Challenge, I was so excited!

I spent some time browsing Pinterest and magazines for inspiration and came up with two great ideas for the first day of school. Best of all, I was able to pick up all of the supplies at Michael’s!

First Day of School Teachers Crate

Hayden was spoiled by having an amazing preschool teacher and we loved spoiling her right back! Throughout the school year, we made sure to bring in extra food and supplies for her and I know that she really appreciated it. This year, Hayden will be meeting his teacher at a fun ice cream social in his classroom a few days before school starts and he will bring in his school supplies then. On his list, there were some items for his teacher’s wish list, so I knew that I wanted to pick those up for her.

Now, I could just throw them into the Target bag they came in, but I thought it would be fun to put it in something she could use in the classroom While wandering around Michael’s {which I could do for hours!}, I saw a whole aisle of wooden crates and was instantly inspired!

Teacher Crate Supplies

Supplies Needed

– 1 Wooden Crate

– Wood Glue

– Red Spray Paint

– Yellow Paint

– Black Paint

– Black Chalkboard Paint

– Wooden Plaque

– Paintbrush

– Ruler

– Wooden “School-themed” Embellishments

Now, my first thought was to glue yellow rulers to the front of the crate but if you can believe it, I couldn’t find any yellow rulers anywhere! Then, I realized that the front part of the crate would look so cute if I painted on what looked like yellow rulers. I feel red and yellow go together for teachers, so I decided to paint the rest of the crate red and the spray paint definitely worked best and fast. Plus, it dried in only 10 minutes!

BTS Crate Michaels

I ended up painting on the yellow, but wish I would have grabbed yellow spray paint because it definitely would have been faster. But, after only a few hours it was totally dry!

Once the paint was dry, I got to work on the front of the crate. I did purchase one ruler for reference and with my black paint, started adding on the lines and numbers. Here’s where I realized my mistake. I was not doing a good job adding the lines and numbers with the paint, so I switched over to permanent marker. That definitely was a much better idea!

Front of Teachers Crate

I then painted the wooden plaque with chalkboard paint. This part of the project is definitely optional, you may find that you like the crate without it. Once it was dry, I used a piece of chalk to “prime” the plaque by rubbing it with chalk and then cleaning it.

Chalkboard Plaque Before - Michaels

Chalkboard Plaque After - Michaels

With wood glue I glued the wooden plaque to the front of the crate. Before you fill it up and give it to your child’s teacher, you can write something on it like the teacher’s name, room number or grade!

First Day of School Teachers Crate

I had a lot of fun making this Teachers Crate for the First Day of School! Hopefully Hayden’s teacher will be able to find it useful in her classroom!

Make sure to check out my other First Day of School Craft – it’s a fun chalkboard picture frame!

What kind of First Day of School Crafts have you made?


Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


First Day of School Frame Michaels

Back To School Craft – First Day of School Picture Frame

First Day of School Frame Michaels



School is starting next week for my son and this year our first day of school is going to be so special – it will be his first day of Kindergarten! I was so excited to partner up with Michael’s for their First Day of School Blogger Challenge! I knew that he would be a little nervous to be starting at a new school and with a new teacher {he loved his preschool so much!} so I want to do what I can to make his first day special.

I spent some time browsing Pinterest and magazines for inspiration and came up with two great ideas for the first day of school. Best of all, I was able to pick up all of the supplies at Michael’s!

First Day of School Picture Frame

I’ve loved taking pictures of Hayden for his first and last day of preschool, so I knew that I wanted to continue the tradition as he enters into grade school. Since I just had my twin girls a few months ago, I wanted to make something sturdy that they would be able to use also for when they are old enough for school too.

The First Day of School Picture Frame will be the perfect addition to your child’s first day of school picture! It’s a framed chalkboard and on it you’ll be able to write the date, what grade they are going into and any other fun tidbits you don’t want to forget!

First Day of School Frame

Supplies Needed

– 1 8×10 Picture Frame

– Tacky Glue Dots

– Black Chalkboard Paint

– Paintbrush

– Chalk

– Wooden “School-themed” Embellishments

I did some reading up on the best way to paint a piece of glass with chalkboard paint and it seems like there are a lot of different opinions. Some said to spray it with primer, some said to scrub it with sandpaper and then wash with alcohol and others said to just start painting! Well, since I’m a busy Mom and I like to get things done fast, I decided to just start painting and see how it goes!

Chalkboard Glass Michaels

I did read that while painting you’ll want to paint first vertically and then horizontally and that really seemed to be a good idea. It ended up looking really good! Once the paint dries {it dried in a few hours, but I gave it a good 24 hours before touching it again}, you’ll take a piece of chalk and rub it all over to “prime” it. Wash it and then you are good to go to start writing on it!

Michael’s had these cute “school-themed” wooden embellishments in their wood aisle and I thought they would be the perfect addition to our First Day of School Picture Frame! I used the Tacky Glue Dots that I bought to easily stick them to the outside of the frame!

1st Day of School Picture Frame

First Day of School Frame Michaels

This was by far one of the easiest crafts I have done and I love that it’s going to be a tradition going forward. I definitely plan on making more frames for our house.

I also decided to make something special for Hayden’s new teacher – it’s a Teachers Crate for School Supplies! Make sure to check that easy craft out too!


What kind of First Day of School Crafts have you made?


Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Michael's Craft Tour

Michael’s Craft Tour is Coming to Fair Saint Louis! #STL #MichaelsCraftTour

Michael's Craft Tour



If you’re in St. Louis and feeling crafty this week, make sure to head to Fair Saint Louis to participate in the first ever Michael’s Craft Tour!

Michael's Craft Tour

Bring your family to Fair St. Louis from July 4th-July 6th to create a FREE patriotic craft from noon to 8pm. This is sure to be a fun family experience!

Kids and adults can climb aboard an 18-wheeler that features a fully stocked, 1,000-square-foot craft room on the inside and enjoy hands-on crafting fun with free family craft projects!

If you’re not in St. Louis, check the Tour Dates to see if it’s coming to a city near you! Make sure to follow the adventure on Twitter by searching #michaelscrafttour.

Connect with Michael’s

- Michael’s Craft Tour

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Pinterest 

Will you be getting your craft on at Fair St. Louis?


Disclosure: I received a gift card in exchange for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

4 Summer Crafts for Kids

4 DIY Summer Crafts for Kids

4 Summer Crafts for Kids



Summer is here and with the kids home, you may be looking for some new fun activities to do! Natalie has so many great DIY crafts that are perfect for summer and you’ll find them below!

Fun Summer Crafts

DIY Sidewalk Chalk

This is a fun activity to do with your kids, because you can make sidewalk chalk in any shapes that you want!

DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Recycle Crayons into New Shapes

If you’re like me, you have lots of broken crayons sitting around. Don’t throw them away, recycle those old crayons into new shapes!

DIY Crayons


DIY Super Hero Cape

Do you have some super heroes in the house (not counting you, parents!)? Then, you’ll want to make these Super Hero Capes!

DIY Cape

Painted Rock Pets

This is a fun and easy summer craft to do that will get your child’s creativity running! Make a fun rock pet – I loved doing this when I was younger!

Rock pets


Which summer craft will you try?