Q&A with The Pirate Fairy Filmmakers! #PirateFairyBloggers

I had so much fun during my time in LA! The last bit I have to share with you is the amazing interview we had with the filmmakers of The Pirate Fairy! Peggy Holmes directed and wrote the film and Jenni Magee-Cook was a producer. And they had a lot of interesting tidbits to share with us and I’m going to share them with you!

FILM TPF filmmakers

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see The Pirate Fairy, first off you really need to! And secondly, it is not only a beautiful, captivating animated flick, it teaches a good lesson too. One that I want my kids to hear and remember. Zarina, the main fairy-character, makes a mistake. But the message behind the movie is that if you make mistakes you also have to work to fix it.

FILM TPF fairies

Peggy Holmes explained a bit about the thought process behind the film. She told us that Zarina didn’t expect to be welcomed back to her home, Pixie Hollow. She thought she would have to start a new life for herself. So Zarina joined up with the pirates at Skull Rock. Peggy was a choreographer before directing, which was helpful when creating the pirate song and dance number. Feel free to dance along with the crew:

Much thought went into making Zarina a misunderstood yet lovable character in believable pirate fairy garb! She needed to have a sweet and strong face. She is taller than the other fairies. They told us that she is a 6″ pixie! Of taller stature than the other fairies. And her pirate outfit was made from a pirate captain’s cuff, her belt from a watch band and her sword a hat pin!

FILM TPF zarina

Executive producer John Lasseter was a huge part of creating the pre-tic-tocking croc. At first Croc was drawn as more of a real-life crocodile, but John said he needed to be a cuter version. He also said that the little croc had to stay true to being imprinted on Rosetta. Have you read about the science of imprinting? It’s incredible. And Rosetta was definitely little Croc’s mom!

FILM TPF Croc Rosetta

Currently there is another Fairy flick in the works! But they wouldn’t tell us a thing about it! Nothing! If I hear anything, you will be the first to know!

All opinion are honest and 100% my own. Disney provided an all-expense paid trip to cover the event and a copy of The Pirate Fairy to facilitate my review.

Captain America Fruit Shield + #CaptainAmerica Activity Sheets


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is in theaters this Friday, April 4th and we are just SO excited about it! My husband and I got a sneak peek of the movie last week and it’s not to be missed. A few hints before you go – watch the first Captain America movie and stay after the credits. And then again after the second set of credits. You won’t be disappointed!

Now, Hayden is only 6 so he won’t be seeing Captain America but that doesn’t mean he isn’t excited either! There are SO many cool Captain America toys out there that he is wanting, not to mention some pretty neat shirts too – you’ll want to check out my Captain America Fashion for the Whole Family post from yesterday!

Some of Hayden’s favorite snacks include strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows. Luckily, those three foods make up a pretty awesome Captain America Shield!

Captain America Fruit Plate Vertical

This fruit plate is super easy to make. The only issue I had was I could NOT free hand make a star with the mini marshmallows so I actually had to draw a star and cut it out. I laid it on the platter and then put the marshmallows on top.

Captain America Fruit Plate

This is the perfect snack for your little one. If they are disappointed that they won’t be seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier {it’s rated PG-13} then you have to check out these activity sheets for them to do at home! Just click on the picture below to pull up and print!

Captain America Activity Sheets

Will you be seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters?

Captain America Fashion for the Family #CaptainAmerica



Last week, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of Captain America: The Winter Soldier which is in theaters this Friday! This is definitely a movie that you don’t want to miss – I’ll have a full review coming this Friday but if you’re planning on seeing it this weekend, make sure to watch Captain America first!

The whole family is so excited about Captain America coming out! Even though our 6 year old won’t be seeing the movie, he’s been asking for all of the great toys and shirts out there. I decided to go on the hunt for Captain America fashion for the whole family. There’s a lot of great stuff out there!

Captain America Fashion for Men

Captain America Fashion for Men

You can look just as stylish as the Cap with the picks above!

1. Captain America Men’s Tee 2. Steve Rogers Jacket 3. Men’s Jeans 4. Captain America Watch 5. Captain America Wallet

Captain America Fashion for Women

Captain America Fashion for Woman

1. Captain America Women’s Tee 2. Red Skinny Jeans 3. Oversized Sunglasses 4. Shield Earrings 5. Navy Ballet Flats

Captain America Fashion for Boys

Captain America Fashion for Boys

1. Captain America Hoodie for Boys 2. Captain America Boy’s Tee 3. Captain America Kids Watch 4. Captain America Kids Sunglasses 5. Boys Jeans 6. Captain America Slip On Shoes

Captain America Fashions for Girls

Captain America Fashion for Girls

Let me tell you – if you have a little girl that likes Captain America, good luck finding stuff I had a really hard time tracking down items for girls and had no luck even finding a t-shirt for girls featuring Captain America. But I think this tutu would look super cute paired with a red tee.

1. Necklace and Bracelet Set 2. Captain America Bow 3. Captain America Tutu

Captain America Fashion for Baby

Captain America Fashion for Baby

1. Captain America Onesie 2. Red and Blue Baby Leggings 3. Captain America Plush 4. Captain America Shoes

New Featurette from Captain America!

Check out this new featurette about Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

How excited are you to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters? {April 4th!!} What is your favorite fashion find above? 

Q&A with The Pirate Fairy Animation Team! #PirateFairyBloggers

tpf movie jacket


I’ve already told you how special I think Disney’s newest Tinker Bell movie THE PIRATE FAIRY is in my recent review. Now I get to share how they brought Zarina, the newest and most feisty fairy to life!

The Pirate Fairy

Ritsuko Notani, Yurike Senoo and Raymond Shenusay.


During an amazing trip to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, myself and a group of other bloggers were able to sit down with some of the creative minds who made Zarina into the little spunky fairy she is. It was amazing to hear just how much thought and imagination went into the process!

zarina fairy


Zarina is a very multi-faceted character. She is intelligent, brave, fierce, likable and sweet. A lot of things to ask of a little animated pixie!

Raymond Shenusay, Head of Story, proved he was committed to his love for the project when he showed up in complete pirate attire for the interview! He spoke of the development of THE PIRATE FAIRY as a whole movie. It takes thousands and thousands of drawings to build an initial rough movie from the story. These are sent to editorial and given voices, music and sound effects. During many screenings, a large amount of notes are taken on what to tweak and what can be improved. Then the team starts over. Another rough movie is created and screened again. And this goes on for quite a while, changing things and adding unique details. These details are fascinating!

Zarina went through a huge transformation from when they started the project to the final character. Character Designer Ritsuko Notani spoke of the challenges in making a dust keeper fairy who is able to believably transition later to the role of a pirate. Quite a change! She told us how the initial drawings of Zarina were decided to be too sweet. Zarina was shorter and had a more rounded shape. By the last screening Zarina was taller than the other fairies. She was athletic, had more angular features and of course her wild, unruly mane of hair!

The Pirate Fairy

Yuriko Senoo, Animation Supervisor, shared how they worked with 3D models of the characters to give each character a full range of emotions of who they were and what fit the storyline. They also reviewed other pirate movies, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean, to get the movements just right.

The Pirate Fairy

We learned quite a few interesting tidbits about Zarina. Christina Hedricks (character voice for Zarina) was an inspiration for her facial features. Much detail was also put into the fairies’ costumes. Fashion designer and Project Runway winner Christian Siriano was the mastermind behind the fairies’ spunky and stylish costumes. Another detail that I was surprised to find out: Zarina’s pirate outfit was designed as if made from a pirate captain’s arm cuff. It’s true! Take a look-

The Pirate Fairy

Stay tuned…inside information from our interview with the filmmakers is coming in the next few days!

THE PIRATE FAIRY is now available for purchase TODAY! 

All opinion are honest and 100% my own. Disney provided an all-expense paid trip to cover the event and a copy of The Pirate Fairy to facilitate my review.



The Young Captain Hook! A Look Behind the Scenes w/ Tom Hiddleston! #PirateFairyBloggers

meet james

During a recent trip to the Walt Disney Animation Studio I had the amazing opportunity  to prescreen The Pirate Fairy-and it was fantastic! It is by far the best, most exciting adventure Tink, and her feisty fairy friends have been on so far.

tom hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston is the voice of the young Captain Hook. Watch below as he speaks a bit about his character and the film. You even get a preview as he sings “The Frigate that Flies” in the recording studio!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/qsO418HUnKU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

You can meet the characters, watch clips and even play some fun interactive games on Disney’s The Pirate Fairy website! Go check it out now!

And be sure to pre-order your copy on Amazon!