Review: Salsa Sensations


I am such a huge fan of salsa! I put in on my chicken, eggs, tacos and of course chips!

What’s funny is Hayden LOVES salsa. The hotter the better! You would not think a 3 year old could handle it but he does!

I was excited to head to Walmart and pick up the THREE different varieties of Salsa Sensations that are available.

Nothing is as good as fresh, homemade salsa and Salsa Sensations is about as fresh as you can get without actually making it yourself!

It’s so fresh it’s available in the refrigerated section at your grocery store, NOT the chip and dip aisle!

I actually found the Salsa Sensations by the shredded cheese.

Look at that price! $1.98 each! What a fantastic price!


I stocked up on all three varieties—Mild, Medium and Hot!

We tried the Mild and Medium first. I knew Heath would like the Mild, along with Hayden.

The salsa was delicious! It was so fresh! It was just like homemade salsa.

It’s made with sun-ripened tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic, cilantro and jalapeno! YUM!

The texture of the salsa was perfect, very thick!

Heath definitely loved the salsa!

I decided to try the Hot Salsa because I can usually handle hot and spicy foods pretty well!


The Hot Salsa Sensations was HOT!!

When I first took a bite, I thought it wasn’t too bad but then I was grabbing for a drink! Very spicy, but very good! I definitely kept eating it because it was so good!

Good for the metabolism right?

Salsa Sensations is a healthy snack too! It contains only 10 calories per 2 tbsp serving! It’s also fat free and cholesterol free!


How do you eat your salsa?


Salsa Sensations is available in a Walmart near you!

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